By Neel Anil Panicker

Today, right now, this very moment, I am stepping out. Stepping out, but stepping out into what? Well, that’s something that I don’t know. At least for now.

I don’t know what awaits me; I don’t know what the future has in store fo me; or even how it’s all going to turn out.

But, what I do know for sure is that I am stepping out of the matrimonial bond that I thought you and I shared. I do know with certainty that I am stepping out of a non-existent marriage. And I do know with absolute crystal clear clarity and with utmost conviction that I am stepping out of something bad.

Though, I am unsure about what it is that I am stepping into; even unsure whether it is good or bad, but if were to speak of the latter, all i can categorically say and say it with the deepest of conviction that whatever I am stepping out into can’t be worse than what I am leaving behind.

#neelanilpanicker #oneminutefiction #iamsteppingout #callingitquits #life #relationships

#neelanilpanicker #oneminutefiction #iamsteppingout #callingitquits #life #relationships

Monday’s One-Minute Fiction: Week of March 19

Monday’s One-Minute Fiction: Week of March 19




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By Neel Anil Panicker
For everything I’m game
I’ve absolutely no shame
Nobody’s to blame
For me all are same
What I do has no name
Though I have some fame.
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By Neel Anil Panicker

‘Easy as pie.’


‘Winning elections. Plus, changing parties.’

Easier than changing diapers, right?

‘Much, much easier.  A piece of pie. And that’s not a lie.’

Yeah, don’t we all know that you’re an apostle of truth. But why?

‘Why what?’

Why did you call her Nachnewali?

‘Call whom?’

Jaya Bacchan, your erstwhile colleague in Samajwadi Party to whom you lost your Rajya Sabha seat.

‘Oh that’s a minor matter. In politics, it’s a non-issue. Moreover it was a pun. A smart play of words. I am Nar and Big B’s bibi is just a Nari.’

Oh, is that? I didn’t know that. But now you’ve to deal with the real Nar, the omnipotent Narendra Bhai, your ever nice as pie new boss.

‘Is he? I think we politicians have no bosses, only slaves. Anyways, I believe he will eat humble pie.’

Could you explain that?

‘Look, it’s simple. First, Araria and Jehanabad, then Phulpur and Gorakhpur.
And now, that Babu guy who heads TDP has ditched him. Shiv Sena would follow soon.

But isn’t he doing a lot of good. I mean GST, Aadhar, rising GDP, MSP et al?

‘All pies in the sky. It’s going to fall soon like a House of Cards. The allies will ditch him one by one I tell you. Come elections, he will eat humble pie.’

Will you too?

‘I am smart and loyal too, I will not ditch him or leave the country unlike some traitors, unless…’

Unless what?

Look, whatever I do comes with a pre-condition. I want a piece of the pie.

I am sorry, I didn’t get you. You have to be more clear.  

‘I want UP_lock, stock, and barrel. I want him to read the writing on the wall and hand over UP to me.’

But what about Yogi then?

‘He can go to the Himalayas for all I care.’

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100 Week Wednesday: Week 62



 “I have been compared with those who dance and work in films,” Naresh Agrawal said today at an event in Delhi to mark his entry to the BJP

Not The First Time Naresh Agrawal Made A Controversial Comment

Former Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agrawal who joined the BJP took a swipe at actor-turned-politician Jaya Bachchan, stating:
“I have been compared with those who dance and work in films,”.




225 03 March 18th 2018

By Neel Anil Panicker

See these statues, pure gold, ancient Gandhara civilisation, at least 20,00 years old. Each one ten million. All dollars. No bargaining.”


The foreigner squinted his eyes as the afternoon sun shone bright on the hilly terrain, its harsh rays dashing against the rocky mouth of the cave where the two stood.

‘Alright but how I do take them out of the country?’

The man they called the ‘Smuggling King of East India’ looked askance at the white man, as if highly offended by the question.

You’re dealing with Khan, Amananullah Khan. What I do is family business. Been smuggling artifacts since the time you were a kid in half pants. You have nothing to worry. Just tell me where you want this handed over?”

The foreigner dug a dirty fingernail into his pock marked nose.

‘I am leaving for Dubai tomorrow morning. From there I have a connecting flight to Frankfurt via Lufthansa.’

Then it’s settled. My man will check in with you at Dubai and handover the statues at Frankfurt. Thereafter, it’s your baby. And now, my money. Quick, I have other deals to do”.

‘Before that you need to check into Tihar Jail, my friend. You are now under the custody of James Evans Anderson, South Asia chief of Global Anti-Smuggling Operations, INTERPOL.’

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