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208 08 August 13th 2017

By Neel Anil Panicker

“How would you like to die? Be deep fried in hot molten oil or mutton chopped into small little pieces to serve the gastronomic tastes of gourmands?”


Ali couldn’t believe his ears. It was his fourth week in Tihar Jail and he was on the phone with Liza and she was talking about death, his death.

“Yes, jaan. Get ready to die. Abbu is after your life.”

The name of the dreaded mafia don Abu Fazal sent a chill down his spine.


Jaan, our little secret is out. Abbu knows all about us. He’s making plans to kill you.”

Ali felt a lump form in his throat. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. Suddenly, the heat in his six by eight feet cell turned unbearable.

‘But how? How’s is it possible. How did you get to know?’

“I don’t know dear. Somebody’s ratted on us. I got to know about it last night. Like most other nights these past few weeks, ever since you’ve been in Tihar, sleep has become my enemy.

I was hungry and headed to the kitchen. Was passing by Abbu’s den when I heard voices from inside. It was Abbu. He was speaking to someone over the phone. I held my breath and cocked my ears to the door. It was then that I heard him say, “The bastard. I’ll teach that traitor a lesson he’ll never forget, even when interred in his grave. How dare he even look at my daughter. Kill him, Salim. I order you to make kheema of that bastard.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. My very own father ordering the murder of his only daughter’s lover?

My heart pounding and my head swirling like a typhoon, I somehow pulled myself away and tiptoed back to my room. Ali my dear, my love, my jaan, they are after you. He’s going to kill you, to kill me also if need be. I know him. He means what he says. I’m scared. I fear for you, for your safety. I can’t bear to think of a life without you…please my love, we need to do something…you need to do something…please…”

Ali heard footsteps approaching his barrack.

“Someone’s coming. Will call you later. Will do something…I promise…have faith, my love”.

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By Neel Anil Panicker

“Hmm! That’s a really big rock”, exclaimed Aruna with barely concealed envy.

That instantly lit up Vaishali’s face; a face one of her several admirers had likened to a ‘Leonardo Da Vinci portrait’.

‘The Mona Lisa itself’, had gushed someone else.

Looking over the shoulders of her bestie, Vaishali surveyed the happy, smiling visages around her.

The movers and shakers of Kolkata had descended this cool Sunday evening to celebrate her betrothal to the Prince of Kolkata.

Vaishali eyed her engagement ring and sighed.

Alas! none would be there when her Prince would turn pauper.

Least of all, she.

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FFfAW Challenge Week of August 8, 2017

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Dorothy. Thank you Dorothy!

By Neel Anil Panicker

“How long have you been with me, Salim?”

‘Around forty years, Afzal Bhai.’

“Forty one years, three months and two days.”

Salim nodded his head.

His boss had an elephantine memory.

The two were at Begum Jahanara Park, the sprawling fifty acre green belt in the heart of Old City.

An oasis, a much needed succor from the daily heat and grind of existence that life in a big city had become, any city for that matter, least of all the capital city of India.

An avowed morning person, the don loved coming to the Park, located a stone’s throw from Sumer Manzil.

The chirping of the birds, the early morning dew on soft grass, the all around stillness__there was a ring of freshness in the air that the don found very invigorating.

An hour’s stroll through the tree lined cemented pathways past bright eyed dangling dahlias and smiling angel white lilies worked like magic for his mind, body, and soul, though of the last his detractors wondered if he had any.

It was Salim who had requested his boss to postpone the durbar by an hour.

“Ok now,  what’s bugging you?”

‘Boss…it’s Liza, your daughter.’

“What about her?”

‘Boss, she…she’s in love…with…Al’.

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Three Line Tales, Week 74

Welcome to Week 74 of Three Line Tales.

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three line tales week 74: an empty school

Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash

By Neel Anil Panicker

Just when I thought my nightly vigil outside the bedroom window that opens to the street below may not lead to fruition, I spot him__curly  blond locks hanging loosely over a Sherlock Holmes shaped head that forever seems to bob around in an indeterminate arc; the face, pimply and plastered with a stupefied smile; the gait, gauche and bereft of any machismo; the overall persona screaming insouciance with a capital I.

The sight of him sends my heart beats speeding faster than Ben Johnson ever could, its momentum travelling through the body’s umpteen arterial veins, rushing past every single crevice and opening, filling them with an inexplicable joy bordering on euphoria and finally, culminating in me locking my knees in rhapsodic joy, the insides of my inner thighs wet with anticipation.

What is it in him that leads to such madness and euphoria, such unadulterated joy that I can no longer be myself, that I lose my senses and submit myself to him completely, willingly, unquestioningly?

I doubt I’ve the answer to that; I doubt I shall ever seek it.

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Three Line Tales, Week 71

You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page – here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt (& give them a title if possible).
  • Link back to this post (& check the link shows up under the weekly post).
  • Tag your post with 3LineTales (so everyone can find you in the Reader).
  • Read and comment on other TLT participants’ lines.
  • Have fun.

Happy three-lining!


photo by Diana Feil via Unsplash

By Neel Anil Panicker

Newly engaged Inder quaffed the last drop off his wine glass, waltzed onto the stage and cracked yet another of his party piece jokes sending the celebratory congregation of family and friends gathered in the Crystal Room of the 5-star hotel into wild raptures.

As the evening gathered steam and the appreciative crowd swooned and swayed to Inder’s clownish antics, for the first time seeds of doubt began to sprout in his fiancé Dipika’s mind.

“Damn’t it. Why is it not happening? The poison not working? Why the hell is it taking so long for him to die?” she wondered.

©neelanilpanicker2017 #3LineTales #fiction #100words


SHOOING AWAY (99 words)

PHOTO PROMPT © Magaly Guerrero

PHOTO PROMPT © Magaly Guerrero

By Neel Anil Panicker

I know those types, the ones who masquerade other peoples’ lives, hiding their ugliness behind daubs of garish makeup, complete with mascara, eye toner and false eyelashes.

The ones who coat their fat sized bodies in see through chiffons and cruise the superhighways of sickening debauchery.

Last night, one such woman, her name’s Liza, went ballistic on being caught with her lover, an oversized underaged waiter.

The poor husband ended up in hospital minus two teeth and a badly broken jaw.

Her weapon of destruction: a glistening pair of pure leather shoes gifted by one of her several admirers.

©neelanilpanicker2017  #fiction

21 April 2017