SHORT STORY/REALISTIC FICTION MOHAMMED SHAMI HIT FOR A SIX By Neel Anil Panicker “I don’t think it‘s possible for me to love and live with you anymore, especially now that you are hell bent on sending me to the cleaners, have gone all out to malign me, besmirch my sterling reputation, ride roughshod over the … Continue reading neelwrites/shamihitforasix/realisticfiction/threelinetales/16/03/2018


A voice stilled_refused to die came back from the pits to explore bottomless pits made the ‘Biggest Bang’, brightest star now with the stars. #neelanilpanicker #poem #tanka #stephenhawking #tribute


Shimmering lights spell trouble Life speeds full throttle Death beckons after bottle. #neelanilpanicker #poem #haiku Delhi: 2 students killed, 3 injured in road accident in Mukherjee Nagar Ref:


Fall in love turn emotional immerse hearts make merry. Let the world get envious you only live once. #neelanilpanicker #poem #shadorma  


Her eyes light my path I go, led by my shepherd She targets the end. I concentrate upon her, For me she is the journey. #neelanilpanicker #poem #Tanka   Thursday photo prompt – Dark #writephoto by Sue Vincent   Thursday photo prompt – Dark #writephoto