July 19: Flash Fiction Challenge


By  Neel Anil Panicker

How do I know you’ll not do a Fannie Hooe on me?

“A who?”

Richard looked at his beau from across the window.

Overcome with emotion, he leaned forward and held Janet’s hands.

Her fingers had turned moist, just as her eyes.

I meant don’t do the disappearing act just like Fannie did eons ago.

The train’s giant wheels were already trudging forward.

As Richard’s hands slipped out of her fingers his parting words were, “Listen, I know not who or what this Fannie thing’s all about. All I know is we’re going to get married in six months”.

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By Neel Anil Panicker

There was no leader. In fact all got to play leader. Up, several thousand feet above the earth, they would trade places, move in and out, shuffle back and forth, allowing each one the pride and joy of leading the pack sans any ego sans the megalomania that is the occupational disease that besets homo sapiens.

From her terrace, Asha watched with unalloyed pleasure at the non-stop parade of one majestic flock of birds after another, each flapping her wings and taking off; all__in no time__making perfect military V formations, the tinged reddish brown and sparkling yellow of their wings neatly slicing through the sky blue skies, sprouting forth bubbles of effervescent clouds.

The sight__a magnificent fluorescent trail of winged beauties, all floating away to their destinies__left behind heart warming images of an exquisitely choreographed heavenly dance.

As darkness descended and the birds and their antics became but a distant memory, Asha reluctantly dragged her feet downstairs.

It was back to the monotony, the drab and dreariness of human existence.

As she entered the hallway, her stepfather’s voice, coarse and cruel, slammed into her ears, “Come to my room and do as I command. Or else, your mother’s dead”.

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FFfAW Challenge – 173rd

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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

By Neel Anil Panicker 

It’s over.

I’m done…done with you.

I don’t need you.

Not anymore.

‘You sure?’ you ask.

“Dead sure”, I say.

Dead sure ‘coz I’m done with taking insults__the poison dipped barbs, the not so veiled innuendos that come my way every single time I take a stroll down the park, or so much as amble across to the weekly vegetable market, or worse, bend my knees in obeisance inside the hallowed precincts of the local temple.

Yeah, I’m ditching you.

All set to get hitched to a girl.

Any girl who’d love a man without a leg or two.

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6 July 2018





By Neel Anil Panicker
The splash of waters could be heard even from a distance.

Sitting on the bench, ringed by a circular parapet, Imtiaz  and Asma watched their kids___eight year old Latif and five year old Azma_dipping their fingers in the froth filled waters and squealing  in delight every time they spotted or  felt a small fish slip through their nimble  fingers.

Meanwhile, their nimble bodies swayed rhythmically as the small boat on which they were bobbed languidly in the placid afternoon waters.

“I am so glad you could take time out. The kids look so happy.”

Imtiaz turned around and nodded his head in assertion.
His hesitant eyes caught the twinkle in her eyes.
Something in them made him to turn his gaze away.
She mustn’t know; at least not until he had exhausted all his resources; expended every conceivable excuse that could pass muster with his bosses.

‘No. Imtiaz, there is no option but for you to go. And it is in your best interests that you take up this new position’.

The words of his employer sent a chill down his spine.
He knew what they meant.
His boss had extended a warning, a a veiled threat. The orders that followed left no room for doubt or ambiguity.
‘Proceed immediately for Kashmir. Also, remember, this is  covert operation that’s been conducted without the formal nod  of the Defence Ministry. As such  complete secrecy has to be maintained.
Which means you will tell your wife  and children that you are leaving for Dubai on a six month official trip. Also remember, you come back only when we hear the news confirming the death of Abu Bakr.’

The words ‘Abu Bakr’ mouthed my his boss sent a chill down his spine.
Who hadn’t heard of Abu ‘Mutton Bakr?
One of the most wanted global terrorists___the man responsible for the Kolkata Metro bomb blasts as well as the brazen attack on an Indian Army camp in Pathankot.

His bosses had given him his toughest and most dangerous assignment so far and he was expected  to deliver as he had been delivering all this years.
Only difference: this time if he failed  he wouldn’t be alive to tell the tale; his enemies, the country’s enemies would ensure that.
“What are you dreaming about, my dear handsome husband. Isn’t it time we went ordered lunch”?

Caught off guard, Imtiaz sheepishly  looked at her wife and replied, albeit haltingly, “Sure, as you say, love. Let me go ferry the kids back”.

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FFfAW Challenge – 169th

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Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!


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By Neel Anil Panicker
It all started with an innocuous little incident, an everyday occurrence, one of those seemingly mundane happenings that are part of the hustle and bustle that is the DNA of any big city, leave alone New Delhi, the ever on the boil thriving capital city of India.

Mary Philips, all of eighteen, and running late for his first day at college half ran after exiting from the metro, elbowing, nudging and edging past the teeming morning throng of office goers exiting Gate No. 7 of Connaught Place.

It was too late by the time he  realised that he been pushed from behind.

By the time he realised what had happened and even before he could steady himself, he had fallen head over heels on the mosaic tiled floor.

He twirled and turned around to find himself spreadeagled on the floor, his legs twisted around like malleable steel around another stranger’s, a girl’s, his arms brushing against her left breast.
Hurriedly and very apologetically he extricated himself from the unforeseen awkwardness and took to his heels but not before turning around and honouring the beautiful damsel who had fallen into his lap with his best Sunday Special smile, a magical curve that he knew from experience never ever went unrewarded.

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By Neel Anil Panicker

“ Your Honour, my client, 21 year old Asha and the victim, Sharad, were in a relationship. She’s also three months pregnant with his child. At the time of the incident, the two were in a boat in the middle of Marina river. An argument erupted over the issue. She pressed him for marriage. He wanted out. She accused him of cheating. He called her a whore. This led to a skirmish. In the melee, the boat turned and Sharad, who wasn’t a swimmer, drowned.”

‘Good. But what do you have to say about the bullet wound on his head?’

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 71





By Neel Anil Panicker

There he is; an apology of a figure, a small moving dot on a fast obliterating horizon.

From my perch by the fourth floor window that looks out onto the desolate street that’s cloaked in darkness, I gaze out to him, my eyes all intent.

I see him come, hobble rather, a weary old figure, the shoulders hanging out loosely around his reed thin frame as if they were some wilted flower; the feet, thinly sticks dragging themselves over the water filled cobbled pathways.

He drags past Abdul’s and all of a sudden he looks up.

Briefly, very briefly, our eyes meet.

We converse in silence.

He drops his neck and ambles into the ramshackle building.

In a moment he would be walking up the creaky stairs and step in through the door; the door that’s been left open ever since he left half a day ago.

I flick my wrists and gaze at my watch.

The needles rest on 12.

It’s the start of another day.

Pity, we wouldn’t be there to greet it.

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FFfAW Challenge – 166th

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