I think of you as my gateway to freedom pity you look at me as just one more to trap You are joy, bliss and everything that I ever miss I think of you as my gateway to freedom One who would lead me out of the dark One who would hold me ever I … Continue reading neelwrites/ilookatyou/poem/triolet/love16/10/2018

For Three Line Tales, Week 141 UNMASKED By Neel Anil Panicker “Sometimes we need to wear masks to unmask others’ masks”, declared Rajat as he bent over and looked deep into Radha’s eyes. A trifle nonplussed Radha waited for the voices around their corner cafe table to subside before replying, “So, am I to infer … Continue reading


You ask me why I support the have-nots I tell you ‘coz the world is so full of the haves You who make light of their plight You ask me why I support the have-nots ‘Coz people like you go ahead and slight ‘Coz people like you throw around your might You ask me why … Continue reading neelwrites/poe/triolet/havenots/09/10/2018


BROKEN DREAMS It’s on nights sultry as these that I dream of you when you pop up unannounced riding the moon and I find myself inhaling the redolence of your love   It’s on nights sultry as these that I dream of you when every present reminds me of all that was past  and it’s … Continue reading neelwrites/brokendreams/poem/triolet/poem/09/10/2018


NO ROOM FOR LOVERS By Neel Anil Panicker This world’s not a good place for lovers It’s the reason some loves are born just to die Here all you see are hate filled eyes This world’s not a good place for lovers Here they kill love with hate and call it ‘for honour’ Here all … Continue reading neelwrites/noroomforlovers/poem/triolet/02/10/2018


Written for multiple writing prompts: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 90 FOWC with Fandango — Eager HEARTBEATS By Neel Anil Panicker She’s more than a best friend. She’s also more than her stupid black button hole sized eyeball balls that come alive in a face that’s smaller than her neck, whose thick browny wavy hairs leave behind … Continue reading neelwrites/heartbeats/flash/100words/28/07/2018


…OF LOVING AND LOSING By Neel Anil Panicker On long drawn solitary wintry nights such as these my heart fights a losing battle with loneliness. Her scattered memories batter my scarred mindscape.  On long drawn solitary wintry nights such as these I wish she were here and holding my hands I wish I were there … Continue reading neelwrites/lovehurts/poem/triolet/27/09/2018


MY CHEMISTRY WITH BIOLOGY By Neel Anil Panicker Teenaged pangs for boys much like birth pangs  for expectant mothers and exam pangs for students are just that__ a well worn out truism that’s as old as the hills. And so it was with me as I stepped into my teens and found myself palpitating, hyperventilating … Continue reading neelwrites/chemistrywithbiology/shortstory/humour/239words/non-fiction/memoirs/24/09/2018


Old girlfriends lay buried in the labyrinths of time, For them the bells don’t toll anymore. Yet, on certain moon dipped days they crawl out Much like the aroma that wafts in when flipping through old dust laden books. It’s then that I revisit past lives lived and dream of dreams that died premature deaths. … Continue reading neelwrites/oldgirlfriends/poem/love/17/09/2018