225 03 March 18th 2018

By Neel Anil Panicker

See these statues, pure gold, ancient Gandhara civilisation, at least 20,00 years old. Each one ten million. All dollars. No bargaining.”


The foreigner squinted his eyes as the afternoon sun shone bright on the hilly terrain, its harsh rays dashing against the rocky mouth of the cave where the two stood.

‘Alright but how I do take them out of the country?’

The man they called the ‘Smuggling King of East India’ looked askance at the white man, as if highly offended by the question.

You’re dealing with Khan, Amananullah Khan. What I do is family business. Been smuggling artifacts since the time you were a kid in half pants. You have nothing to worry. Just tell me where you want this handed over?”

The foreigner dug a dirty fingernail into his pock marked nose.

‘I am leaving for Dubai tomorrow morning. From there I have a connecting flight to Frankfurt via Lufthansa.’

Then it’s settled. My man will check in with you at Dubai and handover the statues at Frankfurt. Thereafter, it’s your baby. And now, my money. Quick, I have other deals to do”.

‘Before that you need to check into Tihar Jail, my friend. You are now under the custody of James Evans Anderson, South Asia chief of Global Anti-Smuggling Operations, INTERPOL.’

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10 thoughts on “neelwrites/smugglingsaga/sundayphotofiction/shortstory/18/03/2018

  1. Nice one, Neel.
    I like the expression ‘half pants’.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, here in these that’s what little schools kids wear. Thanks Ceayr


  2. Aha, caught in the act! And good thing, too — illegal trade in antiquities is an abomination.

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  3. Leave it to the pros – even if they pick their nose – ha
    nice fiction, Neil


    1. and ouch – undercover narc caught ’em


  4. The trap is sprung and I seriously doubt the artifacts are authentic anyway.


  5. Not as smart as he thought. Well done.


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