STREET LIFEBy Neel Anil PanickerRavnish looked down from his third floor window at the mess that lay on the kerb opposite his street.The Sharmas had split, yet again.Discarded card boxes, of all shapes and sizes lay scattered on the sidewalk. A one legged leather couch, an empty guitar case, a dusty seven feet high metallic … Continue reading neelwrites/ff/100words/22/09/20


SOMEONE KILLED SUSHANTANOTHER BUG CRAWLS OUT OF DRUGWOOD (episode 27)By Neel Anil Panicker“What the hell have you done? How could you bring such shame to the family, Shradha?”A wave of blinding red hot rage rushed 30 year old Hindi film actress’s veins.Looking towards her father, she lashed out, her voice a mocking tone, “Oh, is … Continue reading neelwrites/ssr/episode28/21/09/20


SOMEONE KILLED SUSHANTPAYAL SPRINGS A ‘ME TOO’ ON ANURAG (episode 27)By Neel Anil Panicker“The bitch. How dare she? How the fuck does this C grade starlet who is known in Hyderabd to sleep around with even spot boys accuse me. How dar she say I  molested her. That I came on top of her. How … Continue reading neelwrites/ssr/episode27.20/09/20


SOMEONE KILLED SUSHANT BABY PENGUIN WANTS TO PARTY (episode 26)By Neel Anil PanickerThe night wa still young, still only a couple of hours after midnight, as Aditya Thakeray looked out from the balcony of his plush sea facing six floor penthouse, an exclusive space out of bounds for everyone including his own father, Udhav Thakeray, … Continue reading neelwrites/ssr/episode26/19/09/20


SOMEONE KILLED SUSHANTEXPOSED: SUSHANT SINGH MURDER CASE (episode 25) By Neel Anil PanickerPLACE: 3RD FLOOR, MEETING ROOM, CBI REGIONAL HEADQUARTERS, MUMBAITIME: 11:30 PMATTENDEES: SIT CHIEF VINCENT CHACKO, DCP APARNA SENGUPTA, SENIOR INSPECTOR AMARJEET SINGH,  INSPECTORATUL PRASAD “Ok, let’s go through all that has happened since we took over the case. Aparna, could you please fill … Continue reading neelwrites/ssr/episode25/18/09/20


SOMEONE KILLED SUSHANTMURDER COVER UP: THE BUYING OF A WITNESS (episode 24)Sunita Tamble cocked her ears against the kitchen door and listened.Outside, peak Mumbai afternoon traffic was at its cacophonous worst.It wa difficult to figure out what was being said. All she could catch through the two minute one way talk were bits and pieces…small … Continue reading neelwrites/ssr/episode24/17/09/20


EVERYONE KILLED SUSHANT‘MY NAME IS DISHA AND I HAVE BEEN RAPED BY ADI…’ (episode 23) By Neel Anil Panicker “Hello…hello…My name is Disha…Disha Salian. I am calling to report that I have just escaped from a party where I was raped. The people who violated me were at this hotel in Juhu. The name of … Continue reading neelwrites/ssr/episode23/september16,2020


EVERYONE KILLED SUSHANT DRUGS FOR SEX: BOLLYWOOD MAFIA TO BE EXPOSED (episode 22)By Neel Anil Panicker“Sir, asking for quid pro quo. He’s telling…”Vincent Chacko, SIT Chief investigating into the mysterious death of Sushant Singh Rajput interjected his junior.“Quid pro quo? What quid pro quo does the biggest drug peddler in the entire Konkan want from … Continue reading neelwrites/ssr/episode22/september15,2020