FOWC with Fandango — Parody

Daily Writing Challenge, Nov 12



By Neel Anil Panicker

Two died in the wool supporters hailing from opposite ends of the political spectrum were having a heated discussion over what else but a cup of hot piping tea.

“He is a braggart, an over the top braggadocio, arrogance personified.”

Wait, what did you just say. Over the top. Well you are right, partly right that is.

Our leader is at the top, right there among the stars, glowing bright and shiny.

He holds the key to the future of this great country. Look at your leader! oops! so called leader__the perennial, perpetual, pernicious, perfidious forever rudderless, mindless heir in waiting. What’s his standing? Zilch. Cipher. Zero. He’s at the bottom. And all ye who still swear by him are doomed to go down a bottomless pit.

“Enough, dare you say not about our revered leader. At least he’s better than yours__ the one who all his life shouted from the rooftops that he came from the bottom but now refuses to alleviate the sufferings of the those stuck in the bottom. Instead, what do we see day in and day out? This conceited guy breaking bread, bear hugging, hobnobbing with the movers and shakers of the world, the ones who smell corruption with a CAPITAL C. Such a turncoat, such a …”

Stop. One more word against our leader and I will set the lynch mob on you.

How dare you speak against our leader. He’s a welcome rainbow on the parched earth, the key to the country’s golden future, the one who deserves, commands, and demands utmost respect. He’s warm as the Delhi summers, unlike your cold turkey of a leader who’s become a laughing stock, a walking talking parody, a train sans any wheels, and all you, merely sycophantic ticketless passengers unaware that you are being taken for the ride of your lives, a ride to nowhere.






Stark ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

FOWC with Fandango — Trace


By Neel Anil Panicker

What’s that?

Uncle Kamal looked up and his eyes followed the raised finger.

“Oh that, ” he replied, “That’s a sundial.

What’s a sundial, Uncle Kamal?

Uncle Kamal’s brows furrowed but then eased as instantly,  just as he broke into a broad smile that found resonance in his eyes.

He sidled up to his nephew and spoke, his voice this time matching the excitement and curiosity of the ten year old.

“That, dear  Suhel is something that helps us to find the time of the day.”

“Come, I will show you how it works.”

He led the boy to a flat surface on the grassy incline and pointed towards a huge earthen plate on which were hand pointers.

“You see these huge hands. They stand for the hours of a day. The pointer on which the sun’s shadow falls is the hour of the day.”

Little Suhel seemed quite impressed but after poring intensely at the huge circular instrument, he looked up, and then turning towards Uncle Kamal asked, “But there’s no trace of the sun now. How do we know what the time is?”

Uncle Kamal smiled again, and replied,”My dear nephew, you are right. You see the weather is downcast. The sky above has turned silvery and the clouds, dark and floating, can be seen. Its Nature’s way of telling us the time. And if you look closely, there is a reddish tinge to the skies. That is the sun which whispers us the time.”

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9 November 2018


By Neel Anil Panicker

First, they’ll will touch you, feel you all over, violate you in all possible manner.

Then, when they’re dead sure you’re dead or as good as dead, that you have zero feelings, they’ll hack you, cut you to pieces and do that over and over again until you’re reduced to a sorry spectacle, until you’re shorn of all ripeness and fruit and joy and all that had earlier made you human.

By then they would move, gleefully, onto their next target, for haven’t you heard the world and its backyard is a happy playground for all such sexual predators.



FOWC with Fandango — Extraordinary

April Pearson

Photo Credit: April Pearson


By Neel Anil Panicker

“I see a bad omen. What about by you, Angel?”

Angel waited for a moment even as she dug into the last of her pizza triangles, the few she had and quite sensibly so,  tucked into her inner baggy short pockets.

Then, reading very correctly that for once Reshma wasn’t indulging in mere rhetorics and the question did indeed beg for an answer,  Angel volleyed, “I see hope. I see goodness. I see some very dark clouds, but I also see a silver lining behind them all.’

Reshma’s eyes did a double take, its pupils dilating, a shell shocked expression forming on her otherwise not so saturnine face.

“Angel, you’re nothing if not extraordinary. How can you manage to stay so sanguine when we’re in the middle of a jungle miles away from civilization and when all we’ve been hearing for the past four  hours are the terrifying shrieks and shrills of wild animals?”

Without batting an eye Angel looked at her best friend and past her at the young boys, both her age, and all school mates, before replying, “That’s because all you see is a rainbow but I see the sunshine that”s hiding in plain sight behind it.”

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Much after all the gifting and the talking and the laughing had subsided and the august gathering of Industry Titans and Young Turks in the making had broken up into small rarefied groups of twos and threes and retreated into their discreet corners, he glanced at her by from across the hallway.

She caught his eyes right, rightly read his message___the trademark gentle raising of the fingertips to his upper left collar bones.

She looked stealthily all around, and after satisfying herself that the coast was clear, she very surreptitiously threaded her way out, her ears ringing with the cacophony that permeated all around the large dome shaped inner ground floor that went by the rather exotic name La Dezirella.
‘The red gown only embellishes your beauty. You look stunning enough for me to declare that I have won the lottery of my life”.

She turned around with a startle, but heaved a sigh of relief as she looked into the smiling visage of Deep___his thick lascivious eyes as they ravenously devoured every inch of her curvaceous body.
Her face flushed, her cheeks blushed; but almost instantly she composed herself to reply him, “Your insouciance is downright insultful. Is this the way a driver speaks to his bosses’ daughter? Aren’t you afraid, you kangaroo?”

To that he smiled and retorted. “I know I am a kangaroos and easy meat waiting to be ripped apart in a sanctuary that’s teeming with lions and tigers and other wild forms. But then kangaroos are swift movers, aren’t they?”

‘Prove it.’


‘I said, prove it by making me disappear from this crowd.’

To that he simply looked at her at first; then pointing towards the outre door, whispered, “Follow me outside. This cold evening will turn warm with your presence and I__your most humble chauffeur will take you for the ride of your life”.

And with that he tiptoed out.

Within a minute, she too stepped out.

The duo’s presence, especially hers,  going absolutely unnoticed by the creme de la creme of Cochin City who had descended that freezing December evening in the coastal town touted as the Venice of the East’s most famous watering hole.









FOWC with Fandango — Tantrum

Three Line Tales, Week 144

Goblets and more…

three line tales, week 144: people on a bath through fields of red bushes

By Neel Anil Panicker

Halloween’s come and gone, the ghosts__red, blue and purple__have been put to bed and the goblins, including all the myriad colours they come in, have done the disappearing act but if there is one thing that’s remains constant that’s little Nancy and her terrible tantrums.

While her play way mates squeal and shout themselves hoarse in sheer delight as they view the undulating expanse of the beautifully laid out flower hill, all she yells is how high the climb is and that she’s too tired and that her legs don’t have it in them to move an inch further.

It is upto her mother to employ some other wordly ploy and oh boy does it work__she’s been running like crazy, scurrying up the gradient ever since she’s ‘learnt’ the blood thirsty Dracula has invaded the plains.

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2 November 2018


By Neel Anil Panicker 

‘So, that’s our best move?’

Well, I would say that’s our only move.

‘And why would you say that?’


‘Stop spluttering, will you? Come on, spit it out’

You see…your father…

‘My father…he needs to  die, right?’

What I mean…

‘You mean he’s needs to go if we’re to get rich, right?’

That’s right for holy goodness! We kill your old man ‘coz he’s the only soul on Planet Earth who knows we’ve skimmed over a 100 crores from about ten odd banks, ‘coz otherwise you and I spend the rest of our lives in prison.

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