By Neel Anil Panicker

When a big tree falls, the ground beneath it shakes.

He wasn’t just a big tree, he was the biggest tree the family had ever known.

All grew under his protective shade, come hail, rain, or sunshine.

He was our lodestar, our go to man, friend, philosopher, guide__ all rolled into one, there for us in all seasons, for all reasons__imparting solidity and strength where needed, vision and guidance for those who sought him out, encircling in his massive arms the infirm and the fragile.

Now, we merely exist, woefully ill-equipped to battle the curve balls that life often throws.

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of October 17, 2017

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Mrs Pankaj rubbed her eyes in disbelief.

Another scribble on the wall. This time thankfully something a tad recognizable.

Two vertical strokes and a curved line below it.

What did that mean?

She walked into the kitchen and turned on the gas.

Nothing like some plain coffee to unclog the senses.

So they are back, their threat as alive as the morning sun.

She turned away and caught herself in the mirror.

Who says the fifties are history?

Innocent wide eyes that twinkled like the stars; a high cheek boned butter can melt bone china face that seemed to cock a snook at the passing years.

A smile crept up as a strobe of light streaked through the translucent windows and settled on the edges of her auburn all curls windswept hair.

They were her crowning glory, her pride, her joy.

It was only then that she understood.

It was them__the braid choppers.

And she, their next target.

The sauce pan hissed in the background.

She didn’t care. Her thoughts were travelling far away.

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Sunday Photo Fiction – October 15th 2017

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214 10 October 15th 2017

By Neel Anil Panicker

“Honorable Sir, I warmly welcome you to my ship.”

Warm welcome? My foot. A murder’s occurred and the bastard’s grinning from ear to ear__baring his gold embossed teeth.

Inspector Sharma inspected the man: Mid-fifties, balding, with floral panoramic patterns clinging to near exposed skin adorned by gold embellishments all over that together he surmised, could easily weigh over a couple of kilos.

“Sir, I am Frederick D’ Souza, the captain…”

‘Cut the crap. Where’s the body?’

“Sir…sir…the body… err it was here…i mean it isn’t now…It…”

Inspector Sharma felt as if a huge boulder had dropped onto his chest. He felt dizzy. With enormous effort he raised his hands up and held onto to a metallic beam that circled the upper deck.

His free hand felt the gun strapped to his waist.

The bastard! A multi-millionare aging heiress on a ’round the world’ odyssey was found murdered on this ship and its owner was saying that the body had disappeared.
“Sir, the sharks…they ate her. I saw it…”

Inspector Sharma wasn’t sure whom he hated the most___the man, the ‘dead’ heiress or, the sharks.

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By Neel Anil Panicker

For a long time Nandu stood transfixed, staring into the sea as monstrous waves lashed against against his wafer thin body.

Much later, the ship’s mast came into view.

He stepped back, kicked the body aside, and walked towards freedom.

He had no mercy for paedophiles in the garb of ‘father figures’.

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of October 10, 2017

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Inspector Sharma hurriedly rifled through his trouser pockets.

He was a tad late; by the time he retrieved his handkerchief, he had puked__pungent bile dripping all over his freshly ironed police uniform.

“Sir, what to do now?”.

Bloody fool, can’t he see, what else to do now.

With great effort the senior cop controlled his burgeoning rage .

“Pandey, call the Forensics. Also, have the postmortem done. And…keep your trap shut.”

He watched his deputy turn away.

Then, despite himself, he looked down one last time at the body.

Young, maybe 22-23, white skinned, plausibly a foreigner, he surmised. His eyes noticed the half torn ultra chic clothes, a blue top furiously ripped apart, half exposed oval shaped breasts, and a criss cross of knife engravings on them.

He turned around.

Despite the early hour, it was as if the entire village had congregated.

A couple of men slinging cameras headed his way.

‘The vultures,’ he muttered, ‘already out for flesh even before the meat has turned cold’.

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Welcome to Week 89 of Three Line Tales.

Three Line Tales, Week 89


three line tales week 89: this is the sign you've been looking for

photo by Austin Chan via Unsplash

By Neel Anil Panicker

The lone occupant inside the white Ambassador car that was trailing the unmarked police jeep as it entered the bylanes of Mayapuri Industrial Area was no ordinary man_ seated behind the wheel, his hands drumming into the velvety cushions was none other than Afzal Guru, the most feared mafia don of Old Delhi himself.

The jeep cruised to a halt near an abandoned factory wall; within seconds a figure slipped out of the shadows, and walked towards the driver’s seat.

A mere fifty metres away, peering through the windshield, Afzal Guru watched the woman as she, first nodded and then shook hands with his bete noire Inspector Sharma, Special Crime Branch, Delhi Police. It was all the proof he ever needed against Liza, his own daughter.

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FRIDAY FICTIONEERS hostedby the ever reliant Rochellewisoff



By Neel Anil Panicker

‘Cash, jewellery, appliances, cars…nothing’s missing. Looks like it’s personal.’

“Very personal”.

The two looked at the seven bodies strewn like mashed potatoes all over the tiled floor; their heads decapitated, hands tied to backs with nylon tape, every single body space sporting horrific burn marks.

‘Maybe, they were looking for information; turned mad when they didn’t find it, and decided to kill them all.’

“Could be, ” said Inspector Sharma as he moved towards the balcony.

“Bring her to the police station,” he said looking into the bejewelled eyes of the mynah.

“Once she talks, all secrets will tumble out.”

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