rg-priyaI am not that Priya  Warrier dame
But guess what_ I carry bigger fame
Wasn’t it the Bard who said what’s in a name
A wink by any other name is still a wink
It’s not what my detractors think__ a big chink
Mummyji, when will this stark truth sink.

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YOU’RE MY WISH COME TRUE  (Two minute read)


By Neel Anil Panicker

“It is a metaphorical tree”.

Katherine looked at her Indian beau in quizzical fashion.

‘What’s that supposed to mean__a metaphorical tree?’

In reply, Raj lifted his arms and drew a huge circular arc into the silvery cloud of skies.

“Look around you. What do you see? A land full of lush greenery, sprawling paddy fields, sheaths of pearly white water flowing from the mountains, people living peaceful, happy lives in beautiful, little hutments, their faces, all calm and full of contentment. Did you see…”

‘Hey, that’s cool. But what’s that to do with this tree’?

Katherine’s impatience seemed to be getting the better of her.

Raj looked at her and pointed towards the huge banyan tree a few meters from where the two stood in the middle of an open field that abutted the village in the northern fringes of hilly Assam.

“This is no ordinary banyan tree. This is the Kalpataru…the wish fulfilling tree.”

This time Katherine was intrigued enough to ask what that meant.

“It’s an Indian myth. What you see is the ‘Tree of Life’. For the villagers this tree is a metaphor for the celebration of hope, prosperity, and ecology. And that…”

‘And that explains all those long colourful threads that are tied around its various branches. They are all wishes of the faithful, hopes and dreams that they pray would come true, right?’

Raj nodded his head in affirmation as the two looked at the huge twenty feet high ‘Kalpataru’, its unnaturally large and thick branches and the array of panoramic tightly knotted cloths and threads softly swaying in the cool September breeze that was blowing in from the snow capped mountains that formed a protective umbrella all around the place known to both botanists and ordinary folk alike as ‘Heaven’s Garden’.

“Do you have a wish? If so, go ahead and tie yourself a thread.”

‘I don’t need to. That which I wished for has been fulfilled. It’s you’, said Katherine looking into Raj’s eyes.

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…of cobbled pathways and new born dreams

By Neel Anil Panicker

Walking on the cobbled sidewalk with the ear splitting honk of the passing throng of vehicles and people all around__all jostling, jabbing, edging their way past one another__Raj wondered for a moment what was it about New York that made everyone including the rich and the poor, the young and the old leave their homes and hearths and lay siege to this ‘City of Fortune’.
In a rare moment of epiphany, the penny dropped.
He realized that what mattered was not the famed marbled stones that his feet were pounding but the men and women who walked on them; that it is not the mind boggling sight of cloud kissing skyscrapers that were important but what really was of import were those bright denizens working furiously behind those fancy glass facades, the ones made million dollar worth decisions that affected and changed the fortunes of not just individuals but at times several world economies.

Clarity restored, Raj turned his back and headed over to the station to catch a train back home.

He had realized and correctly so, that to turn one’s dreams into reality one doesn’t need the tag of a big city; all that one needs is to do something big, something big enough that would metamorphose his village into a city, a city that would be the envy of all.

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Sunday Photo Fiction – July 8, 2018


It’s been almost three weeks since i have put pen paper…written as much as a word. Blame it on vacation…that eight letter word that strikes you every year or so and leaves you completely bamboozled at the end of it all. Bamboozled, that’s i feel now at the end of it all. Completely detoxed, still half dazed, my mind refusing to come back to work mode, I feel tentative as i take my baby steps back to the world of writing, to the world of blogdom, to the exciting, exhilarating world of fiction writing…writing books, short stories, poems…ah, to the world of the written word, to the world of writing.

To all my dear blogger friends, my followers and all those who connect with me on a daily or weekly basis from across the globe I apologise for my absence but then i also say__ what the hell, everyone needs a vacation, a detoxification, a celebration every once in a while.

To stare at life afresh, to recharge one’s batteries, to view the world the beautiful people who inhabit it with newer, fresher perspectives and hopefully to find new meaning and purpose in life.


Unsteady fingers

type in heart’s meanderings 

new emotions birth. 




By Neel Anil Panicker

So you tell me that you did this because you were greatly hurt at being falsely accused  of inappropriate conduct by your colleagues and that to clear your fair name you set this all up in order to investigate and thereafter  catch the person who had brought you so much ignominy, that you did this as you wanted physical evidence of wrongdoing that would help you be exonerated of all accusations of wrongful conduct once you placed it before your bosses, right, Mr Ankur Tomar?

Yes…yes…yes Sir…I felt greatly humiliated, especially and more so when they spoke ill of me on the staff in-house blog and on other social media.

And what exactly did they say about you?

That I am a dirty person and that I don’t bathe and smell bad all the time and the most hurtful of all that I don’t flush the toilet after use.

So, my friend if that’s your defence for placing a camera and recording your colleagues,  several of whom being  females, in various stages of undress, then I am afraid that’s a very weak one, one that will not cut much ice with a judge who will slap you with charges of voyeurism and send you behind bars.
I..I…I am sorry; I now realize that only real cops are allowed to play cops in order to  catch the real culprits; all others have to face the fate of either living with the humiliations leaped upon them, or wait for the truth to come out.




three line tales, week 124: two colourful doors that lead to ...

By Neel Anil Panicker

There are two doors in front of me; one red and the blue; and both beckon me, equally__staring invitingly at me, attempting all  within  their powers, cajoling, coaxing, attracting, luring, even threatening me, using all manner of bait to get me to somehow bite the bullet.

I for one, though thoroughly bowled over by such passionate unrelenting prefer to bide my time, in the interim mulling things over while time races past the past, and rushes through the present, in a bid to be on time for its date with the future.

I wish I had more choices, that there were more doors to chose from__my misguided mind harbouring the impression that multiplicity of choices would lead to me taking better well informed decisions, but I guess that’s  a fallacy for since when have more choices translated to better outcomes?

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Three Line Tales, Week 124

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Three Line Tales, Week 124


MIND’S A MAZE (GENRE: Realistic Riction)



By Neel Anil Panicker

Her mind’s aching with sepia toned memories; memories that get dimmer by the hour.

‘Cancer, of any type, is slow poison. It kills you; slowly, breath by breath.’

This is someone’s memoir she read.  They batter her already battered mindscape.


This month’s been hectic. She’s traveled through childhood, relived her school days, her joyous life as the “most naughtiest, loveliest, bestest 10 year old girl in the history of Scottish High School.”

This from her Fifth Grade teacher; somewhat bombastic but heartfelt utterings.

Outside, the hospital van wails. She extricates herself from the past. It’s Chemo Day, again.

Her future beckons.

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15 June 2018