By Neel Anil Panicker

Holy smoke! One look at the woman seated opposite him and Inspector Sharma felt a stirring in his loins even as a slow bulge began to build up under his pants.


Thick lustrous auburn hair pulled straight back only further accentuated the air brushed smoothness of a high cheek boned porcelain china face that sat majestically atop an hour glass figure that looked as it had popped out of a glossy movie poster.

Looking at the smoking hot beauty for a moment he wondered if had made a mistake, wondered whether for once his famed powers of deduction had gone wrong, that she wasn’t the killer, and that she had absolutely nothing to do with the body that lay dead in the inner bedroom of this sprawling sea side bungalow in Lutyen’s Delhi___the lifeless bullet ridden body of the man the world knew as the ‘Diamond King of India.’

In a bid to clear the doubt that was plaguing his mind, Inspector Sharma decided to probe the woman one last time.  “Could you please tell me Mrs Khurana where and what exactly were you doing between four and six today morning”?

‘I…we…I mean I was …’

That’s it!_the smoking gun. He had got the answer, the small iota of doubt that had nested in his brain, even it was for a nano second, had now completely vanished; this lady was all smoke and mirrors, she indeed was the killer.

Suave upper crust English bred women born into wealth who lived in 100 crore mansions the size of a football stadium and travelled the globe in their own private jets did not blabber and get tongue tied when facing questions from lowly keepers of the law.

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three line tales, week 107: diaries, roses and bobbins with sewing thread


By Neel Anil Panicker

All summer he was just a kite flyer, one more among several other ten year olds whose psychedelic kites soared the skies.

Until one day when the winds of change blew.

As his nimble hands expertly manoeuvred the thread, he looked to his left.

It was then that he saw her.

She was on the opposite terrace, reading a book.

She lifted her head and spotted him spotting her.

From that moment the controls switched.

She had taken over the steering wheel of his life, their lives, for the next sixty odd years.

Thereafter, it was roses all the way.

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Three Line Tales, Week 107

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Father, I feel lost, of no use. My life has turned pitch dark and shorn of all light.

“That’s not the case, my son. There’s light at the end of the tunnel?”

Father, but I see no tunnel, no light? Where is it?

“Son, you are mistaken. Look inside you and you’ll find it.”

Father, if what you say is true, how do we discover it?

“Faith, son, faith. For that to happen you need to keep faith, have trust, believe in yourself, believe in the munificence of the Almighty who trusted you and gifted you the light. Have faith and the tunnel will find you. It is within you, within each one of us; eternally lit, forever guiding our path, hacking through the dark underbelly of our lives and illuminating it with its brilliance.”

How would we know we have reached it?

“You will not know it but you will feel it. Your entire being will glow with an inner radiance. You will feel happy as if you have attained enlightenment aka Gautam Buddha.”

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of January 30, 2018

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By Neel Anil Panicker

The irony of life stared them from above five hundred feet. Strapped to their seats, their legs and feet fastened by soft but strong leather fasteners, the twins shrieked and squealed, the sheer shrill in their still unbroken voices rising like a crescendo above the boisterous din of other equally vociferous pre-teens.

Clasping her twi

n brother’s hands, Sheena stared down from her boxed car at the ground below, the bumble bee of weekend revelers mere tiny specks. Two of them were her new ‘mum and dad’.

She wondered if today was the happiest or saddest day of her life.

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 53

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By Neel Anil Panicker

With baited breath, Nature awaited his next move.

Over three hours had elapsed since his arrival at Suicide Point.

An hour of procrastination later, he was now in the middle of the lake, its ever swirling waters reaching inching up his knees.

He looked down at the brackish waters and watched helplessly as the silhouette of mountain top peaks turned into ever darkening shadows, slowing ebbing away to their slow deaths, the tall cider tree branches that encircled them, following suit.

It was time to go, he said to himself.

Or, was it?

He decided to wait a little longer.

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of January 9, 2018

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By Neel Anil Panicker

“You are making a huge mistake, Chella”.

The 47-year-old leader of Peoples’ War Group stared at his childhood friend Jagdamba Mahto.

The two were holed up in a cave deep inside the Bhadraharsotwa Jungles.

Not many in the extreme left wing party he had founded barely a decade ago had the authority to address him by his first name.

To everyone he was Commander in Chief, a name that struck fear and kept the police forces of five States on tenterhooks.

‘Look what’s happened, Chella. Your dictatorial style’s led to the creation of three more splinter groups. We’ve made enemies. We’ve…’

“Come to the point”.

Even the mild mannered Mahto knew when to tread carefully.

‘Chella, all of us want to overthrow the corrupt government of Karimpala and establish Peoples’ Government. Let your ego not play spoilsport. I suggest a truce. Bring them all under one roof, give them some power, buy their loyalty, my friend.’

Silence followed. After a while Chella spoke, his voice, a soft whisper, “You’re right. Been always right, my friend.’

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222 01 January 7th 2018

By Neel Anil Panicker

“Srry, Ritz drlng. Am held up. Urgent biz con. Will take 4 hrz.  Luv, Inder”.

The slimy bastard! Still carrying on with his old ways.

In the dark, Rita felt her grip tighten on the tiny Glock 45 pistol.

Her face turned a ghostly mass as she inserted the silencer onto the weapon, cold finger tips caressing the trigger.

For one last time, she peered out through the windshield, her gaze falling on the second floor apartment.

Dim fluorescent light emanated from behind thick bedroom windows.

‘So this is where he holds his urgent business conferences.’

Hot molten blood swirled, churned, and burnt her insides as she felt herself being swept away in a massive tidal wave of maddening anger.

Sorry…Ritz darling…meetings…Luv Inder___all mere words. Not a penny’s worth. It was time she put an end to this sham.

Time she called off the marriage. Time she silenced him, eased him of all pleasure; eased herself of all pain. The woman, too. That cock sucker bimbette of an office secretary__it was time for her to go too.

She stepped out into the cold and made her way up the stairs, unmindful of the lone dog that was wagging its tail.

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