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By Neel Anil Panicker

Time you got married, Afreen? You know Imtiaz, Afroz’s cousin. He’s just landed a fat paying bank job, is kind, well educated, and good looking too__ideal husband material. What do you say?

Lisa tossed her hair aside and stretched her legs forward. Squinting her eyes to shield herself from the afternoon rays, she looked at the woman seated beside her and wondered, ‘The only ideal husband material for her if ever there was one is Afroz, your husband, the one who ticks on all the right boxes, the one whom you ensnared, and also now the one I got to get back’.

She turned around and looked over; little Salim was playing at a distance, his head bent, examining a small mound of earth.

Shortly, if she played her cards well, the kid would have a new ‘mother.’

The thought made her aware of her task. Slowly, she raised her left arm over her shoulder.

Fifty feet afar, from behind the bushes, the hired killer noted the movement through his telescopic lens, and pressed the trigger.

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of March 20, 2018





By Neel Anil Panicker

Today, right now, this very moment, I am stepping out. Stepping out, but stepping out into what? Well, that’s something that I don’t know. At least for now.

I don’t know what awaits me; I don’t know what the future has in store fo me; or even how it’s all going to turn out.

But, what I do know for sure is that I am stepping out of the matrimonial bond that I thought you and I shared. I do know with certainty that I am stepping out of a non-existent marriage. And I do know with absolute crystal clear clarity and with utmost conviction that I am stepping out of something bad.

Though, I am unsure about what it is that I am stepping into; even unsure whether it is good or bad, but if were to speak of the latter, all i can categorically say and say it with the deepest of conviction that whatever I am stepping out into can’t be worse than what I am leaving behind.

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#neelanilpanicker #oneminutefiction #iamsteppingout #callingitquits #life #relationships

Monday’s One-Minute Fiction: Week of March 19

Monday’s One-Minute Fiction: Week of March 19




225 03 March 18th 2018

By Neel Anil Panicker

See these statues, pure gold, ancient Gandhara civilisation, at least 20,00 years old. Each one ten million. All dollars. No bargaining.”


The foreigner squinted his eyes as the afternoon sun shone bright on the hilly terrain, its harsh rays dashing against the rocky mouth of the cave where the two stood.

‘Alright but how I do take them out of the country?’

The man they called the ‘Smuggling King of East India’ looked askance at the white man, as if highly offended by the question.

You’re dealing with Khan, Amananullah Khan. What I do is family business. Been smuggling artifacts since the time you were a kid in half pants. You have nothing to worry. Just tell me where you want this handed over?”

The foreigner dug a dirty fingernail into his pock marked nose.

‘I am leaving for Dubai tomorrow morning. From there I have a connecting flight to Frankfurt via Lufthansa.’

Then it’s settled. My man will check in with you at Dubai and handover the statues at Frankfurt. Thereafter, it’s your baby. And now, my money. Quick, I have other deals to do”.

‘Before that you need to check into Tihar Jail, my friend. You are now under the custody of James Evans Anderson, South Asia chief of Global Anti-Smuggling Operations, INTERPOL.’

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three line tales week 111: two puffins ; ireland st patrick's day

By Neel Anil Panicker

I don’t think it‘s possible for me to love and live with you anymore, especially now that you are hell bent on sending me to the cleaners, have gone all out to malign me, besmirch my sterling reputation, ride roughshod over the honour of my family members including my brother, whom you so falsely have accused of rape__my dear elder brother, who was largely responsible for my upkeep and welfare; but for whom I wouldn’t have flowered into the fast bowler that I turned out to be, whose unflinching support and rock like faith in my abilities saw me emerge as one of India’s finest fast bowlers of all time.”

If protecting my honour, if raising my voice against your ‘multi-national’ extramarital dalliances is wrongful of me to speak of, if not keeping quiet and not talking of your ‘match fixing’ machinations, and if telling the world about your constant taunts, insinuations, and brutal physical and mental assaults is wrongful of me do so, then yes, I, Haseen, wife of ‘great’ Indian cricketer Shami, stand guilty of this crime and hereby severe all ties with you, a man so despicable as to even be called the’ father’ of my child.

We, the Board of Control for Cricket In India (BCCI), do hereby suspend Mohammed Shami from playing any form of professional First Class cricket till such time he is exonerated of all charges pressed against him by his wife Haseen Jahan while at the same time requesting the two to sort out “ all personal matters” in private and not wash their dirty linen in public.”

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Three Line Tales, Week 111

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of October 31, 2017

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By Neel Anil Panicker

She isn’t much; just four raised oblong stone slabs; the edges, pointed and jutting out into the skies.

Half hidden behind the majestic branches of a huge peepal tree in a forested outgrowth in the village periphery, what she lacks in finesse and substance she more than makes up on the reverential sweepstakes.

A child beset by jaundice, another downed by yellow fever, a woman wishing for her family’s welfare, another asking for deliverance from the daily grind of life __they all come to her __men, women, children__ the born, the just born, the to be born; the old and the young; the also living and the near dying__,every single one of them makes a beeline to Mahakali __to pay obeisance, to pray, to smear vermillion on her pitch black ever shining visage, to shower her with flowers and rice and lentils and whatever it is that they could procure from their roofless homes and hearths.

She disappoints none; least of all her ‘keeper’ who partakes of the goodies once darkness descends.

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By Neel Anil Panicker

The entire mantelpiece was chock-a-block with vases in myriad shapes, sizes and colours.
One in particular caught his attention.
Inspector Sharma’s fingers skirted past the bud, cylinder and cube shaped ones to finally rest on the wide base piece that squeezed upwards to a pastel green narrow neck, the latter tapering just enough for flowers with the thinnest of stems to fit in.
The cop’s eyes flickered for a nano second; his trained police mind jogged down memory lane; visions of a bunch of huge corolla dripping creamy magnolias scurried past his brain.
He was staring at the murder weapon.

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