By Neel Anil Panicker
The oracle lowered his head and pulling the woman by the auricle, whispered into her ear,” You’re the blessed one; the one whom Allah has chosen to shower his riches. Simply follow all that Sajid says and very shortly you will become the owner of unimaginable riches.
Alia gazed dumbstruck, her mind in limbo, eyes staring into the still grey bottomless sockets that were Baba Alauddin Musrshidabadwale’s eyes, or whatever remained of it.
It took awhile for her heart beats to get back to normal and her mind to register the full import of the fortune teller’s words.
Fortune teller? Seer? True, that was what the partially blind man was__the bespactacled half bent silver-haired saintly figure who arrived at her village twice a year, once during the start of the harvest season, and the other just after the onset of winters.
On both the occasions he stayed at a makeshift ‘cottage’, especially constructed by his acolytes, whose numbers kept on increaisng in geometric progression with each passing years.
Here, enconsed in a raised wooden platform, he would, from dawn to dusk give ‘darshan’ to his devotees and solve their problems, at times even guiding them towards their better futures.
It wasn’t that Alia was unaware of the predictive powers of the Baba, but she was taken aback, nee even utterly shocked by his mention of Sajid.
How could he, that vile man, that worthless good for nothing pimp be her saviour? How on earth could Sajid be the medium in her quest to lay hands on the untold riches that the seer had mentioned would be hers?
A sea of such beguiling questions swam in her mind and she tossed one answer after the other into the abyss, trying in vain for a resolution of the dillemma that was plaguing her mind.
And then it struck; the answer came to her with the blinding fury of a massive tsunami.
Her ears ricochted with the last words that the seer spoke to her befoe she touched his feet and bid him adieu__”If you question whatever is told, there will be no fortune. Fortune only favours the brave.”
Her mind now firm and decisive she went out and stabbed Sajid’s number on her IPhone.
Whoring was fun, more so when a horde of testosterone drive men claimed her body every single night; but laying her hands on a hoard of wealth would give an entirely different high, she contended.
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#auricle #oracle #hoard #horde #whored

Saturday Mix – Double Take, 17 March 2018

Welcome to the Saturday Mix, 17 March 2018!

This week we are seeing double with ‘Double Take’.

Our homophone sets this week are:

auricle – external part of the ear
oracle – seer


hoard – a great stash
horde – a great many people
whored – prostituted

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