three line tales, week 121: together for yes

By Neel Anil Panicker

There was a time in Esther’s life when everything was a neat binary; all that life threw at her, be it in terms of myriad problems that needed to be tackled, choices to be made, relationships to hold onto or dump, or even everyday issues as hackneyed as should she have coffee or tea for breakfast, or instead should she simply settle for hard drinks, either whisky on the rocks or plain old rum with soda.

All that changed with the entry of Philip into her life.

Ever since she fell hook, line and sinker for her local church parishioner and eloped with him after a blink and you miss high octane dalliance, Esther only operated with one dictum to guide her life which was saying  a resounding affirmative ‘YES’ to every single thing that her “man” asked, demanded, even expected of her, for it was her firm unshakeable belief that he could do no wrong.


Three Line Tales, Week 121




three line tales, week 118: a grey reef shark

By Neel Anil Panicker

Mr Principal Sir, I know that my daughter has been not been behaving well of late, and as you have informed, that she has been bunking her classes for the past one month, and also that of late she keeps to herself and that she seems slightly depressed, but pray, what’s the connection to all this with the picture of this fish that you are showing me?

Mrs Iyer, this fish that you see on the computer screen is a blue whale and that’s also the name of the notorious online game Blue Whale that netizens all over the world are insanely hooked onto and that which has already claimed the lives of over a thousand teenagers.

And quite unfortunately, your daughter and our student Ananya Iyer of Class X A is addicted to this game and if immediate steps are not taken to wean her away from this highly destructive game, she could end up taking her own life.

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Three Line Tales, Week 118

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Three Line Tales, Week 118




Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 5.20.01 PM

photo by NASA (yes, THAT NASA – which is why you want to click through to the full size picture for the full effect) via Unsplash

By Neel Anil Panicker

Often had she heard people say that her Prince Charming as and when he would come would arrive riding a tall white horse and will lift her off her feet and gallop away to his fantabulous palace by the ocean where she would be attended all day by a never ending stream of fairies who would treat every wish of hers as their command.

But never had she ever in her wildest of dreams and imaginatioins ever thought that her Prince Charming would be an all white apparition who would come floating by in his huge conical Spaceship and zoom her off to an alien sphere beyond the skies.

Looking at her utter state of bewilderment, her ‘Spaceman’ hubby whispered, his voice a rich baritone that resonated from inside his giant helmet shaped head, “Relax, my baby, I am taking on the trip of your life and soon you will arrive at my Dreamland where time stands still and and all you do is float in happiness.”

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Three Line Tales, Week 116

Three Line Tales, Week 116





three line tales week 111: two puffins ; ireland st patrick's day

By Neel Anil Panicker

I don’t think it‘s possible for me to love and live with you anymore, especially now that you are hell bent on sending me to the cleaners, have gone all out to malign me, besmirch my sterling reputation, ride roughshod over the honour of my family members including my brother, whom you so falsely have accused of rape__my dear elder brother, who was largely responsible for my upkeep and welfare; but for whom I wouldn’t have flowered into the fast bowler that I turned out to be, whose unflinching support and rock like faith in my abilities saw me emerge as one of India’s finest fast bowlers of all time.”

If protecting my honour, if raising my voice against your ‘multi-national’ extramarital dalliances is wrongful of me to speak of, if not keeping quiet and not talking of your ‘match fixing’ machinations, and if telling the world about your constant taunts, insinuations, and brutal physical and mental assaults is wrongful of me do so, then yes, I, Haseen, wife of ‘great’ Indian cricketer Shami, stand guilty of this crime and hereby severe all ties with you, a man so despicable as to even be called the’ father’ of my child.

We, the Board of Control for Cricket In India (BCCI), do hereby suspend Mohammed Shami from playing any form of professional First Class cricket till such time he is exonerated of all charges pressed against him by his wife Haseen Jahan while at the same time requesting the two to sort out “ all personal matters” in private and not wash their dirty linen in public.”

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Three Line Tales, Week 111

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three line tales, week 110: strangely cheery but apocalyptic post boxes

photo by Jerry Kiesewetter via Unsplash

By Neel Anil Panicker

The instructions from the captain were crystal clear: Paint them green, the ship, it’s hull, everything damn thing, including the most priceless one___those steel chests__ the magnificent seven rectangular boxes with lids that curved and opened upwards into the vast skies, its contents glistening like  a thousand shimmering shells for all the world and it’s neighbour to gawk at.

“We, the lucky few, who venture into the sea, traverse far and wide, hopping  in and out of strange ports and harbours, often, for months, living away from our near and dear ones, are mighty proud of what we do and let the world go green with envy watching us come back after each round trip around the world, each of us, our chests filled with pride, and bringing back chests full of the most exotic treasures that folks of our small impoverished village have never ever set their eyes upon.”

He was right; the captain, but of course, for it were those very green boxes that did the trick; its charming contents acting as the right bait to entice more and more young men with stars in their eyes to join us and take to the seas, ultimately resulting in not just they, but the whole village turning into one of the most prosperous lands on the entire Konkan coast.

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Three Line Tales, Week 110

Three Line Tales, Week 110



By Neel Anil Panicker

Remember, buy only one which offers both support and traction; that way you will avoid slipping while making those uphill climbs,” gruff Thomson commanded in his stentonarian voice that boomed like a approaching train engine’s incessant horns as it swept past any unmanned railway crossing.

‘It is but de regueur for a long distance runner to invest in a good pair of running shoes that absorbs all the shock when the feet hit terra firma, or else there is every possibility of the ankles and tendons getting permanently damaged.’

“Jesus! Give me a break” cried out Steve inwardly, wishing he could tell his doctor father who, incidentally also held a doctorate in Sports Medicine, not to worry so much as all he wanted was to wear was a pair of snazzy psychedelic sneakers that would be impressive to melt the pony tailed bouncy girl who had moved in next building, the one ran around the park as if she were a world class athlete in the making, come every morning.

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Three Line Tales, Week 108

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Three Line Tales, Week 108




three line tales, week 107: diaries, roses and bobbins with sewing thread


By Neel Anil Panicker

All summer he was just a kite flyer, one more among several other ten year olds whose psychedelic kites soared the skies.

Until one day when the winds of change blew.

As his nimble hands expertly manoeuvred the thread, he looked to his left.

It was then that he saw her.

She was on the opposite terrace, reading a book.

She lifted her head and spotted him spotting her.

From that moment the controls switched.

She had taken over the steering wheel of his life, their lives, for the next sixty odd years.

Thereafter, it was roses all the way.

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Three Line Tales, Week 107

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