By Neel Anil Panicker

“Hey Prashant, who has your cricket team lifted on their shoulders?

Well, that’s God Ganesha.

“God? This guy with an elephant’s head and a lone tusk??? I thought Sachin was the ‘God of Cricket?”

Steve, look at his name: Ganesha. Gana means beings, both living and non living. Ganesha controls I, you, every single person, thing, or element in the entire cosmos. This makes him the Lord of all beings. This also makes him powerful, far powerful than Sachin. In fact he’s more powerful than all other five million Gods and Goddesses, and hence we worship him before all else.

“I am so intrigued. He looks so cute, too. Does this dude have parents?”

Well, he’s son of Shiva and Parvati; no he was created by Shiva alone; or by Parvati; or even by both in consultation with Brahma.

“Now, now, wait a minute…It’s a bit confusing. Who are these characters. How could a guy be be born of err created by so many people?”

Well, this is India. Here, anything and everything is possible.


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By Neel Anil Panicker

Inspector Sharma lifted his head from the sheaf of papers at his desk and asked, “How long have been working with me?’

Constable Pandey sprang to attention and pulling his stomach in, squirmed. “Nine months, Sir.”
‘Nine months, eight days, seventeen hours, 42 minutes and some fleeting seconds since you’ve been deputed to assist me here at the Crime Branch Special Unit, right?’

“Yes…yes, Sir”.

“Well, it’s time you prove yourself. Tell me about this ‘Delhi Psycho Killer.’

Pandey eyes lit brighter than a 100 watt bulb.

“Sir, it’s simple. There have been seven killings in the past seven years. All the killings have happened in parks during winters, between mid-November to late December, early mornings, between 5 and 6. The murdered were all women, above 60, either widowed or divorced.”

‘Hmm…impressive, but what does this imply, Pandey?’

“Sir, looks like the killer loves the winters.”

‘Or, maybe that he hates the winters but hunts for victims who love them’.


Weekend Writing Prompt #41 – Weather

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By Neel Anil Panicker

“I am sorry, I’m very terribly sorry Sir to have lost the contract.”

So, what do you have to say in your defense, Mr Srivastava?”

“Sir, I trust me when I say that I left no stone unturned in my efforts to impress the meeting. Right from doing weeks long research and knowing every single thing about Smith & Sons to even knowing the strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes of Mr Smith as well as his two sons, Robert and Edwin I did all that was humanly possible to ensure that they give us and us only the million dollar worth of contract.”

But alas! Despite all your well intentioned efforts you failed, you failed in securing the deal, this all important contract that was worth over ten million dollars and which now has gone to our arch enemy, the Kapoors. Isn’t that so, isn’t that what is the stark, bitter truth, Mr Chief Deal Maker, the all knowing Perfectionist non parallele?.

“I am sorry sir, but what else could I have done”?

What else? You haven’t done one thing wrong, you have done the most important thing wrong. You made the wrongful assumption and thought Smith & Sons means it is an all male enterprise whereas the reality is that it is hundred percent owned by matriarchal head of the family, eighty year old Mrs Elizabeth Smith who even today takes every single decision about all personal as well as business matters. You stupid fool, you made your pitch but it wasn’t to the right person.

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This week’s cue is PITCH!





By Neel Anil Panicker

‘Remember me? You were my crush three decades ago. Oh no, how will you ever? I mean how the hell will you_Champion Number One, Alfred the Great__ever remember anyone from his long interred past, especially a mere slip of a thirteen year old girl who also was his twin sister’s BFF, a puny pony- tailed acne scarred foor foot high skinny apparition that answered to the rather rustic sounding ear splitting name of Bhuvaneshwari Vatsalyam?’

“A what? And who? Excuse me, but do I know you? I mean have I met you before”

‘Ah! there you go. And that’s exactly my point. That you never knew me and that I never knew you and that we never knew each other and that we never ever lived in a small hill town called Darjeeling and that we never ever went to Saint Mary’s High School, and that we never ever got scolded and ass-caned by Reverend Father F.J.W. Z. Lombart, the seven foot tall Belgian principal, incidentally also the best goalkeeper in all of West Bengal, and that I am so super blessed that our paths, that isyours and mine, never ever crossed and never ever would. So goodbye, Mr STRANGER.”





By Neel Anil Panicker

‘Sir, it’s suicide. This guy, name’s Thomas, around sixtyish moonlighted at the hotel__waited tables, occasionally cooked. Seems his fish curry was a favourite among the backpackers. Yesterday, they fished him out of the sea. The manager says he was sprawled on the upper deck floor after shutdown. Had a bottle beside him.”

“You’ve haven’t dug enough, Pandey”.

‘I’m sorry Sir, I don’t get you’.

“You won’t, you buffoon. This guy drinks but not on a Monday, the day he died. Means somebody forced liquor down his throat and hurled him into the waters. Got to find out who and why.”





Image by Bikurgurl

By Neel Anil Panicker

“Sir, I’ve checked. There’s only one entrance to the building. Spoke to the lone watchman. Name’s Stephen. Whisky Stephen, they call him around. Says didn’t see no one else. Says she came in around noon Sunday. Was alone, he affirms.”

Inspector Sharma eyed his aide and replied.

‘He must be drunk. Did you scour the CCTVs. Any footage?’

“No luck. Only one was functional. Got this one, a long shot. Came from the tower behind it. Have a look, Sir”.

‘Hmm…interesting. Pandey, see those shadows. A man’s. Now look at her face. She seems scared. It’s no suicide, for sure’.

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 57

100 Word Wednesday: Week 57




22 Dawn Miller February 4th 2018

By Neel Anil Panicker

“Have you heard of serial killers,”?

‘Is this some kind of a joke?’

Inspector Sharma repeated his question.

The two were at a forest clearing deep inside the Yerrahahalli forests, some twenty miles from civilization.

Assistant Chief Conservatorof Forests Rajat Pandit squinted his eyes as the harsh June sun bore down at his face and looked across at his childhood mate. A mynah chirped above their heads. Somewhere around, a gang of monkeys gibbered.

“Look Sharma, besides being my best friend, you’re also a damn good cop. But I te/ll you, you’re grossly mistaken here. This is no serial killer’s work.”

“What the body count so far”.

‘A what’?

“I asked how many people have disappeared in the past four months.”

‘Thirteen including the two that went missing since yesterday.

Inspector Sharma looked at the half filled wheel barrow and the timber logs around it. Something on the ground below held his attention. He bent down and inspected the patch of freshly trampled earth. It was then that he found it__the footprints, clear ones, its toes dug deep into the still damp earth.

Getting up, he said calmly, “It’s a serial killer. A man eating serial killer at that, Ish.”


22 Dawn Miller February 4th 2018

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