Three Line Tales, Week 75

Welcome to Week 75 of Three Line Tales.

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Smart Moves

three line tales week 75: two bicycles in front of the ocean

photo by Meghan Yabsley on Unsplash


By Neel Anil Panicker

“Show that you love me by jumping into the icy waters right away?”

‘Hey! Most certainly, and why not; however, if I were to do so, would you then prove your love by jumping after me?’

“I guess it’s best if we simply admire the ocean from the deck.”

©neelanilpanicker2017 #ThreeLineTales #50words #fiction

7 thoughts on “neelwrites/ThreeLineTales/smartmove/fiction/50words/06/07/2017

  1. Testing the intensity of love. But common sense prevailed to enjoy the ocean. A deviation from your murder/mystery stories. A good light humour take on the lovely photo prompt.

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    1. Yes, i thought to make it light with this lovely prompt. I am glad you liked it. Thanks a lot for your appreciation, Kalpana.

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  2. Sreeblogs

    😀 HAHA…Loved it…especially the last line…

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  3. So, shall we start the debate of which one’s the guy and which one’s the gal? Another good one, Neel. Cheers, Varad

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    1. A healthy debate I hope that will be. Thanks Varad.

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  4. As it turns out, they prefer the safety – and perhaps sanctity – the shore provdies; neither wanting to jump ‘all in’. A symptom of the ice forming between them or the relative safety of shore? Well done – I love the many perspectives this story has to offer — and many stories that can be written from this tale 🙂

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