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By Neel Anil Panicker

The eyes turned a blazing orb of fire.

Hot molten rage surged through his veins.

Within moments, as his head bobbed like an unhinged ferris wheel, maddeningly hurtling around in topsy turvy frenzy, his body began convulsing and contorting, emitting blood, bile and sweat from every single pore of his six-foot tall muscular frame.

Shorn of all senses, he slashed around, the knife in his hands slicing and dicing, cutting and chopping into pieces his beloved.

It was her life he had snuffed out, she to whom he had professed his eternal love until his very last breath.

The ghastly deed over, he stood there in the middle of the rush hour traffic, the spectre of a crazed soul, screaming his lungs out, ‘she is mine and mine alone.’

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Pena, Portugal

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Pena, Portugal

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By Neel Anil Panicker




A woman’s face etched in a beatific smile and holding in her arms a barely three-month-old baby girl greets Emily.

A tear drops from her eyes as she places in her pint sized bag the sepia tinged black and white photograph, the sole reminder of the only family she ever had.

Outside, she cranes her neck upwards and peers into the sky.

The bright orb of fire sends a pleasant tingling sensation surging through her veins, warming the cockles of her heart.

‘But why’s there no blast? Why the delay?’

Emily wrings her hands anxiously and peers yet again into the sky.

Slowly, as if goaded by the power of her unflinching eyes, the clouds give way and bright dazzling rays sparkle onto the earth.

And then as if in pronouncement, a huge ear splitting sound blasts through the atmosphere.

It is the sundial’s cannon ball strike signalling noon time.

It’s also the prompt for her to head for the main road.

There awaits Francis, the love of her life, the liberator of her soul.

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Welcome to Six Sentence Stories

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6 sentences any way you like using the cue SCRATCH.


By Neel Anil Panicker

I would like to know the real you?

Well then, for that you need to scratch the surface.

And how exactly do I do that?

To begin with, you can start by being forever nice to me, occasionally taking me out to a movie, preferably Hollywood and one that features George Clooney or next best Brad Pitt; and then winding that up with a delectable candlelight dinner for two at a bespoke Mexican restaurant that has soft piped music oozing out of its kaleidoscopic Rembrandt painted walls.

Wow, that’s quite a tall order?

True, but if you can do all this and a bit more you have found your match and will certainly receive a good catch.

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Three Line Tales, Week 79

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Three Line Tales, Week 79


three line tales week 79: outside of the MCG; the g

photo by Arnaud Mesureur via Unsplash

By Neel Anil Panicker

The sky above is a darkish grey; any moment the earth below may drown in thunderous showers. In his vaunted post abutting the fifty foot high, barbed and electrified red stone walls of the northern periphery of Tihar Jail, Gaffar, the vagabond with no home, braces himself for the long night ahead.

It is a wet earth that greets him as he lays his frail bare boned self onto the uneven rocky outgrowth that is his pad, that has been his bed, his only roof under the sky for the past three decades, ever since the authorities that be built the largest penitentiary in all of Asia. A ten feet deep muddy culvert that runs all around the massive walls is the only barrier that separates him from the inmates who live inside the four walls.

Tonight, as an unrelenting cold westerly wind unleashes its fury, threatening to tear asunder his makeshift bed of mere leaves and twigs, Gaffar Mian gazes longingly at the watch tower above the walls, and at the machine gun wielding sentry atop it, wondering whether his life is any better than the lives of prisoners within those prison walls.

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Three Line Tales, Week 78

Sonya at ONLY 100 WORDS has challenged us to write a three line tale from this photo prompt.


three line tales week 78: someone walks down the stairs at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC

photo by Mahdis Mousavi via Unsplash

By Neel Anil Panicker

Al slipped the phone back to its cradle, trudged back to his bare boned six by six darkened cell that he shared with one other inmate and there, left all to himself with only the stony walls for company, he began to ponder over the repercussions of his actions, the frighteningly damaging consequences of falling in love with Lisa.

She was ravishingly beautiful, a sex bomb, no doubt;  his hands had never felt so good on any other female form, the kisses never been so long and passionate with anyone else, his heart never flipping for anyone as badly as it had flipped for the very busty, feisty, sexually thirsty nineteen-year-old Liz.

But why then did Al feel as if he were forever climbing up a steep never ending staircase, one that had as many spirals going up as it had coming down? Why, what, and most importantly, whose wrath did he fear so much that even a moment’s solitude spent dreaming about Liz and her ‘oh so obvious’ pleasures was proving to be a Herculean effort?

(For those interested in the First Part please click on the link given below.

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of July 25, 2017

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!

By Neel Anil Panicker

Some people are genetically programmed to self destruct.

Take Michael Gonsalves for instance. Friend, savior, benefactor, altruist__ Micky was all this and then some more.

Dutiful son to elderly cataract ridden parents; loving husband to a devoted wife; doting father to an adorable baby girl, barely two months old; and rock star buddy to one and all.

It was then that lightning struck. It came in the form of Julie, a thirty something twice married, recently widowed female form with enough sex appeal to set the Ganges on fire.

She, his new office boss, within a month, became his life’s whole sole goal.

Soon salacious details of their hour-long capers reached the ears of his loved ones.

His wife and parents threatened, cajoled, persuaded, reprimanded, shouted, screamed, even begged but to no avail.

He was hooked onto her like a teen turned slave to marijuana.

Six months later it was all over. He went kaput__there was no job, no Julie, no wife and no family to go back to.

His friends sniggered; said he might as well have committed suicide.

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Sunday Photo Fiction – July 23rd 2017

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206 07 July 23rd 2017

© A Mixed Bag 2009

By Neel Anil Panicker

“Just keep looking into my eyes.”

‘How does that help. We’re high in the sky, in this bloody thing. And I’m damn nervous.’

“Trust me. I tell you. Nothing’s going to happen.”

‘Why? Why should I trust you? Why should I believe what you say? And by the way, who are you to tell me this? I don’t think we have met before, have we?’

“No, mademoiselle, I assure you we haven’t met before. But I admit to having watched you. In here, this very place, moments before you entered this pod. You were by the booking window. And I was there, right behind you.”

‘Oh, is that so?’

“Yes, your hands…err, they’re shaking. And then they announced the next ride. I saw you trundle towards the entry gates. You’re still shaking, more than hesitant. I thought you would drop out, turn back. By then they had sounded the final call. Perforce, you stepped in. That’s when I knew you needed help…someone to guide you, someone who you could believe in, someone who would allay your fears, someone in whom you could trust, someone in whose eyes you would find strength and solace, someone who would remove your fear of heights forever.”

‘And you believe you’re that someone?’

“I don’t believe. I’m. Your eyes say so.”

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