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By Neel Anil Panicker

“Hmm! That’s a really big rock”, exclaimed Aruna with barely concealed envy.

That instantly lit up Vaishali’s face; a face one of her several admirers had likened to a ‘Leonardo Da Vinci portrait’.

‘The Mona Lisa itself’, had gushed someone else.

Looking over the shoulders of her bestie, Vaishali surveyed the happy, smiling visages around her.

The movers and shakers of Kolkata had descended this cool Sunday evening to celebrate her betrothal to the Prince of Kolkata.

Vaishali eyed her engagement ring and sighed.

Alas! none would be there when her Prince would turn pauper.

Least of all, she.

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25 thoughts on “neelwrites/ontherocks/FF/99words/11/07/2017

  1. Great little story. Wonderful how you worked in the photo prompt.

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    1. That was wonderful of you to say so. Thanks a lot, Kelvin.


  2. Moon

    Is she planning to run away with all his money or is the cost of the rock too much ?
    Lovely story , am worried about the prince’s future though .

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    1. I think she is going to take him to the cleaners. You are very right to be worried about the prince’s future which is going to turn gloomy very shortly. Thanks a lot Moon for the appreciation.


  3. A very clever subtle take. Wondering about the cost of the rock.

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    1. Thanks YS.It must be worth a goldmine.

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  4. A classic tale of rise and fall. Nicely done Neel.

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    1. Yes, fate’s inevitable wheels are about to turn yet again. Thanks Iian for the appreciation.

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  5. What a fun twist at the end. You had me thinking about the big rock in the picture then you switched it out. Nicely done.

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  6. Maybe justice will be served if she trips on the rock and breaks a bone. She sounds like a gold-digger.

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  7. Oh dear I take it this is not for love… great story

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    1. No, definitely not. She is going to milk him dry.


  8. Dear Neel,

    It sounds like the bride to be has a plan to be the bride that was, taking him for all he has. Good one. Love this use of the prompt. It’s what you see. 😉



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    1. Dear Rochelle,
      I am glad you liked my offering. Your appreciation is much valued and acts as a spur. As you said it is how you interpret the photo prompt. Thanks a lot.


  9. I like your interpretation of the photo. She sounds a schemer!


  10. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover

    Loved this take on the prompt and its message.

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  11. You have to be careful who you marry when you’re that rich – never know if it’s you or your ‘rocks’ the girls are after. Nice take on the prompt, Neel


  12. Oops! Does she have a hand in his turning pauper?

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  13. Seems Vaishali will go on a shopping spree to empty the Prince’s treasury. Maybe the royal family has stashed away a secret vault unknown to commoners.
    The parallel comparison of the ugly rock to a solitaire is worth applauding. as usual Neel your writing is perfect.

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    1. Thanks a lot, Kalps. You make my day with your priceless comments. Each word worth a million, a much needed tonic for a writer, any writer for that matter.


  14. gahlearner

    Perfect take on the prompt, I love this. I bet she keeps the rock when the prince turns pauper.

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    1. Thanks a lot for the appreciation. Yes, she turns princess after reducing him to a pauper.

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