July 19: Flash Fiction Challenge


By  Neel Anil Panicker

How do I know you’ll not do a Fannie Hooe on me?

“A who?”

Richard looked at his beau from across the window.

Overcome with emotion, he leaned forward and held Janet’s hands.

Her fingers had turned moist, just as her eyes.

I meant don’t do the disappearing act just like Fannie did eons ago.

The train’s giant wheels were already trudging forward.

As Richard’s hands slipped out of her fingers his parting words were, “Listen, I know not who or what this Fannie thing’s all about. All I know is we’re going to get married in six months”.

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By Neel Anil Panicker

three line tales, week 129: a friendly robot – or is he up to something sinister?

She’s honest, witty, speaks over a hundred languages, cooks lip smacking multi-cultural delicacies, looks a million bucks, is good in bed and makes all your fantasies come true in bed, and what’s more__ never ever talks back, gets upset, checks your cell phone messages, snores like a pig, smells of garlic, or rushes off to her mom-in-law after every silly fight.


“ But Vikky, she’s so perfect, like an automatic machine, in fact she’s one, an automated lover at best, a silent spectator to man’s discomfiture at worst.”

You duffer, when will you realise that real people are programmed to combat, at times unsuccessfully, with life’s myriad and gargantuan problems; but she’s programmed to ensure that such problems never ever take birth.

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Three Line Tales, Week 129

Three Line Tales, Week 129



img_1776Image by Bikurgurl

By Neel Anil Panicker

As a child if there was one thing that she hated, it was sewing.

The rigmaroles of sewing didn’t interest her one bit.

The nitty gritty of sitting down for hours_ legs crouched, head bent, arms static and in linear position, nimble fingertips deftly guiding, inserting and extricating tiny though sharp edged spear like intsruments into cloth, both cut and uncut, including her’s, Mamma’s, siblings’, neighbours’ et al__all this riled her no end.

Such was her abhorrence for this “girlish” activity that she would go to any lengths to avoid joining what essentially was a “family business__that meant even murder.

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 79

100 Word Wednesday: Week 79



FF - Self Image 180711


By Neel Anil Panicker

A caged bird.

That’s what he was, that’s what he felt like.

It had been so, was always so…ever since the surgery, ever since he’d lost contact with sanity.

They came, his family, or whatever was left of it; the visits a formality__infrequent, whistle stop tours that began and ended quicker than the waves that lashed the perimeters of his sea-facing hut.

Only Chelsea stayed loyal, sliding upto him, licking filth and grime off his non-existent legs everytime he coughed blood and bile.

Was the only one who didn’t pass judgements; called him mad; or worse, left him for dead.

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Friday Fictioneers

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13 July 2018


MIND’S A MAZE (GENRE: Realistic Riction)



By Neel Anil Panicker

Her mind’s aching with sepia toned memories; memories that get dimmer by the hour.

‘Cancer, of any type, is slow poison. It kills you; slowly, breath by breath.’

This is someone’s memoir she read.  They batter her already battered mindscape.


This month’s been hectic. She’s traveled through childhood, relived her school days, her joyous life as the “most naughtiest, loveliest, bestest 10 year old girl in the history of Scottish High School.”

This from her Fifth Grade teacher; somewhat bombastic but heartfelt utterings.

Outside, the hospital van wails. She extricates herself from the past. It’s Chemo Day, again.

Her future beckons.

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15 June 2018




three line tales, week 123: a strange reflection in a puddle

By Neel Anil Panicker

His feet firmly implanted to the edge, the brand new off grey canvas shoes pointing inwards towards the mouth of a an ill formed puddle full to the brim with last night’s inexplicable deluge, Wendell___his ill famous heavily lined visage heavily covered under the forbidding shade of a ‘black as a bat’ hoodie___, watches intently the trajectory of the plane as it wings past the twin Petronas Towers.

Five…four…three…two…one…the thumb finger inside his baggy trouser pocket reaches and presses the soft push button of the remote.

Instantly, the until now languid skies break out in a deafening moan 3000 feet above as Malaysian Airlines Flight No. ML 739 carrying 379 passengers blows up into smithereens.

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Three Line Tales, Week 123




By Neel Anil Panicker

Inspector Sharma’s hawk eyes scanned the high domed  pearl white Victorian archways of St. Thomas Church.

Men, women and children, some young enough to be held in their mothers’ arms,  seated all around him in benches, in two rows and six long columns that extended all the way  from the pulpit to the main jam packed hallway.

From a hexagonal slit in the balcony twenty feet high watched Carlos the Rat, the scourge of the entire police machinery.

And in the crosshairs of his long range telescopic gun was Rama Krishnan,  his bete noire and  also the Cochin City Mayor.

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8 June 2018