FFfAW Challenge-Week of June 27, 2017

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 06-27 through 07-03-2017

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By Neel Anil Panicker

All his life Uncle Prasad had said yes, green signalling just about everything; consequences be dammed.

And so it was that at age 4 he joined his cousins and pulled off the biggest heist of the time: stealing bagfuls of the finest Alphonso mangoes from the sprawling orchard of the village headman.

At 7 he was playing courier boy, passing over love psalms between hormone high Romeos and Cupid struck Juliets; by 9 taking off to the hills nearby for a night out with the Big Boys.

At 13, he came perilously close to being shot dead from an alert guard’s rifle while his ‘friends’ ran helter skelter after a bank hold-up gone horribly wrong.

At 16, he was carrying a gun, because that’s what all his peers were carrying.

But then all that’s in the past.

Today, half a century later, he’s jumped ahead, changed, turned respectable, married, even become proud grandfather  to six.

But then, at times he wants to go back to when he was 6 or 7, join his buddies to steal mangoes, flirt with girls twice his age, and maybe rob a bank or two.

©neelanilpanicker2017 #FFfAW #fiction  #195

27 thoughts on “neelwrites/green/FFfAW/195/fiction/27/06/2017

  1. Moon

    Nice story, Neel.

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  2. LOL 🙂 Lovely fun take.

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  3. Sounds like he has become bored with married life and wants the “free” life of his youth. Great story Neel!

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    1. Yeah, it definitely sounds like it. Thanks a lot for the fulsome appreciation, PJ

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  4. A lifetime in one piece of flash. Well done.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks a lot for your fulsome praise, Lian.

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  5. Nice portrayal of that nostalgia for the simpler, fun times of our youth, when we could go on adventures and be irresponsible without any consequences. I always wonder if we only remember the good bits and forget the rest — but then, why not!

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    1. Thanks a lot, Joy. Yes, we do always have a tendency to hide the bad and dream on about the good. Human nature, i guess.

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  6. A really interesting take Neel. Sounds like Uncle Prasad was lucky to reach old age. I wonder if he’d be nappy for his grandkids to copy his antics?


    1. Indeed lucky to reach his old age. Thanks for the praise, JS.


  7. Lol, loved the (mis)adventures of Uncle Prasad. He did and does lead a fulsome life. I’m certain he has bagful of stories of yore for his grandkids. Good one, Neel.

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    1. Thanks a lot Kitty. Uncle Prasad is quite a character and has lived a full life.

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      1. Hahaha yes Neel. You are welcome!

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  8. What a rascal. Hope he won’t teach the grandkids any bad tricks. They’re just the right age for it.

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    1. True, that’s the big worry. Just hope he is a positive inspiration.

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      1. As a grandpa, I hope he has learned from his past.

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  9. Ah how we all wish we could go back. Nice job.

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    1. Yes, same here. Thanks a lot.

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  10. It sounds like Uncle Prasad has had a very full and entertaining life. Nice story, Neel. 🙂


  11. This was so much fun to read Neel. You should think of writing a mini series about the adventures of Uncle Prasad. Cheers, Varad


    1. That was very nice of you, Varad. What you say has sent my grey cells ticking.

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