EXAMINATION MANIA HITS INDIA  By Neel Anil Panicker  Her’s a quick quiz. Which one month of the year is it when the blood pressure levels of parents with school going kids in India touch the roof? You guessed that correctly. It’s March but of course. March is that one interminably long month when it … Continue reading neelwrites/examinationmania/CBSE/classten/essay/nonfiction/08/03/2018


SSS A BIT LATE… This week’s cue is SUSPEND… DECEMBER 28, 2017 Hosted by ZOE at A MASTER CLASS By Neel Anil Panicker “Listen, dear friend, trust me when I this and am saying this not out of my hat but out of my experience, a great many years of hard won experience.” ‘Do I have a choice? Go … Continue reading neelwrites/classact/fiction/sicsentencestories/29/12/2017


Hosted by the ever resourceful Reena at SOMETHING WORTH LEAVING BEHIND By Neel Anil Panicker Professor Preetam looked through the glass door and found the line outside at the bay area had thickened. He glanced at the wall clock above. It was still hovering under three. Another three hours to go and the eager beaver … Continue reading neelwrites/reena’sexplorationchallengeweek#13/fiction/shortstory/23/11/2017


Hosted by  Sunday Fiction  at GREAT INDIAN BAN PARTY- Playing at a theatre near you By Neel Anil Panicker A ghoonghtaless brave Rajput princess bedecked in mesmerizing regal wear, prancing around in her own magnificent gold bedecked palace courtyard, dancing her heart out in gay abandon, her swirling lehanga swishing wildly in huge concentric circles while … Continue reading neelwrites/pest/thegreatindianbanparty/sundayphotofictioneer/20/11/2017


ETERNAL PEACE IN NATURE’S ARMS By Neel Anil Panicker Of late, especially, and more so, since Sushma’s sudden death, the daily climb up the forested slope was proving to be quite tedious. It wasn’t as if he had suddenly turned infirm or that his body had refused to obey the dictates of the mind. On … Continue reading neelwrites/eternalpeaceinNature’sarms/fiction/shortstory/09/10/2017


Sunday Photo Fiction – September 10th 2017 Hosted at BLAST FROM THE PAST By Neel Anil Panicker It was supposed to be their dream house. Their retirement nest. A house by the river. Add spectacular views of the early sun as it snakes past the narrow slits of exotic palm leaves, gently splashing its orange tinged … Continue reading neelwrites/blastfromthepast/SPF/fiction/shortstory/11/09/2017


FFfAW Challenge-Week of August 22, 2017 I am participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer, where we write a piece between 100 and 150 words (more or less 25 words) in length inspired by the photo prompt above. Hosted by Priceless Joy at  THE CASE OF THE HALF BURNT VESSELS Thank you Yarnspinnerr for our photo … Continue reading neelwrites/thecaseofthehalfburntvessels/FFfAW/fiction/23/08/2017

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Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie First Line Friday -August 16th 2017 Include the first line of course! Tag it Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, First Line Fridays, and short fiction. Create a link (ping-back) to this post and add your link to Mister Linky below. Your line for this week is: After the accident, unease grew like a mold in the corners … Continue reading neelwrites/tentacles/Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie/fiction/372words/21/0/2017


Sunday Photo Fiction – August 20th 2017 get the InLinkz code Hosted by J Hardy at  GAZING INTO A STARRY REALITY By Neel Anil Panicker My name is Galileo. Galileo who? Galileo what? Did I hear you say? Well, not surprising, though. In this fast paced emoji driven, information pumping adrenaline high robotic age whoever … Continue reading neelwrites/gazingintoastarryreality/fiction/SPF/20/08/2017


Three Line Tales, Week 81 Hosted by Sonya at FIERY LOVE photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha via Unsplash By Neel Anil Panicker “How on earth could a man who’s so madly in love with his wife throw her into a burning oven?” ‘Well, well. Even I find that hard to believe though how I wish he were simply … Continue reading neelwrites/fierylove/ThreeLineTales/fiction/fiction/50words/17/08/2017