100 Word Wednesday: Week 42

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By Neel Anil Panicker

It’s that still born hour when technically though it’s a day it’s more like night.

Well, not exactly, for when I stepped into the park, my still cold hands safely ensconced deep inside woolen pockets and took those tentative pre-dawn first steps into the long winding wilderness that loomed ahead, I could occasionally spot the sun peep in through those tall as the Himalayas pine trees, its still warming rays lighting up my path much like psychedelic strobe lights in a night long disco.

I was in that happy state, singing a soft Kishore Kumar tune, languorously ambling by when I spotted the face- a grotesque mangled heap lying orphaned among in the bushes.

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2 thoughts on “neelwrites/adiscovery/100wordwednesday/fiction/flash/29/10/2017

  1. the chilling end was a surprise because it was all so nice as we were enjoying some beautiful chilly morning.
    Not sure if you want any feedback on mechanics – but I was wondering if still born and still cold should be hyphenated (not sure but they did modify… hmmmm – )
    and the middle part – dude- was that a 69 word sentence? – wow – nice job….


    1. I did do that wondered how it didn’t come through in the final edit.
      I am glad you liked my rather long descriptive middle sentene.
      Thanks Prior

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