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By Neel Anil Panicker

“Sir, I’ve checked. There’s only one entrance to the building. Spoke to the lone watchman. Name’s Stephen. Whisky Stephen, they call him around. Says didn’t see no one else. Says she came in around noon Sunday. Was alone, he affirms.”

Inspector Sharma eyed his aide and replied.

‘He must be drunk. Did you scour the CCTVs. Any footage?’

“No luck. Only one was functional. Got this one, a long shot. Came from the tower behind it. Have a look, Sir”.

‘Hmm…interesting. Pandey, see those shadows. A man’s. Now look at her face. She seems scared. It’s no suicide, for sure’.

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 57

100 Word Wednesday: Week 57



100 Word Wednesday: Week 53

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By Neel Anil Panicker

With baited breath, Nature awaited his next move.

Over three hours had elapsed since his arrival at Suicide Point.

An hour of procrastination later, he was now in the middle of the lake, its ever swirling waters reaching inching up his knees.

He looked down at the brackish waters and watched helplessly as the silhouette of mountain top peaks turned into ever darkening shadows, slowing ebbing away to their slow deaths, the tall cider tree branches that encircled them, following suit.

It was time to go, he said to himself.

Or, was it?

He decided to wait a little longer.

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 52

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Inspector Sharma looked askance at the snow white pyramid and the imposing silver sprayed façade of the 18th century Victorian palace behind it.

He was never into history; he viewed anything beyond yesterday as history.

His gaze shifted to the central foyer below. Camera toting tourists  ambled around, slipping in and out of the crescent- shaped entrance that led to the first floor Queen’s throne.

Nothing unusual caught his eye.

He checked his watch. 3 pm.

The time had arrived.

Any moment a person would die.

He knew who the killer would be. He worried who his victim would be.

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 50

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Photo by Brooke Lark

By Neel Anil Panicker

Inspector Sharma pulled himself away from the body.

His eyes centred on the table.

Arrayed in neat rows were small saucers filled to the brim with cubed fruits. An eclectic range of tall multi-hued glasses stood vigil next to them like poker faced foot soldiers in full royal regalia.

One particularly held his attention.

An half-filled glass of orange juice.

He knew he was staring at the murder weapon.

Slowly letting out a muted half whistle, he turned around.

Facing him were five men and one woman, all under twenty.

One among them was the murderer.

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 47

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Ali looked down his chin at his blazing red polo shirt, and scowled.

His mind went back to the previous night’s conversation.

“Trust me, it’s safe. She may be the Police Chief’s daughter but she’s also my best friend. She wants five grams of cocaine. Remember, that’s more money you can ever make in a lifetime”.

‘Yeah yeah! I know that. You don’t have to tell me. But why does she want me holding an upturned Forbes magazine outside the Town Hall gates?’

“Ali, that’s ‘coz she likes to spice things up”.


‘Excuse me, do you have a light?’

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 44



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Image Credit Brevitē

By Neel Anil Panicker

I ignore the Do Not Disturb sign and step into the room, albeit gingerly.

I flick on the light switch; I’m swept over by nostalgia__eighteen years, nine months, fourteen days, three hours, twenty-two minutes, and a few gasping seconds.

A slow jabbing pain creeps up my arthritic ridden legs, squirreling into my already weakened torso.

Through the swirling maze that are my eyes I spot the bedside table.

Its contents stare at me: the camera, lenses, the battery, the chargers, the shiny black backpack we bought him only last month, and the Nike shoes that he’ll never wear ever again.

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 42

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By Neel Anil Panicker

It’s that still born hour when technically though it’s a day it’s more like night.

Well, not exactly, for when I stepped into the park, my still cold hands safely ensconced deep inside woolen pockets and took those tentative pre-dawn first steps into the long winding wilderness that loomed ahead, I could occasionally spot the sun peep in through those tall as the Himalayas pine trees, its still warming rays lighting up my path much like psychedelic strobe lights in a night long disco.

I was in that happy state, singing a soft Kishore Kumar tune, languorously ambling by when I spotted the face- a grotesque mangled heap lying orphaned among in the bushes.

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