Three Things Challenge, 08 August 2018

Today’s things are: moldy, kettle, filibuster 


By Neel Anil Panicker

“That’s filibuster.  I mean what’s the point if all they do is to waste precious tax payers’ money and trot into Parliament and then sit merry and argue days and weeks on matters which at best can be called inconsequential and indulge in a non-stop tirade against the alleged acts of errors of omission and commission of one another when what they should be doing is cut to the chase and get down to serious business of governance which is to find practical, long tern solutions to the umpteen problems that plague this cast country of ours.”

Mary turned on the gas and put the kettle on boil even as she  reached out for the jar of  Kanan Devan Gold Leaf Tea__ ‘the world’s best tea ever’. Also if she were to believe the overenthusiastic all saccharine salesboy who managed to sell her not one but as many as five of such jars, ‘KD’ was also an ideal mind relaxant’.

‘Looks like the short weekend trip to the Nilgiris has had quite the opposite effect on him. Instead of calming his already frayed nerves he seems to have turned even more acerbic, ’ Mary muttered under her breath.

“Oh! my dear Tom,” she spoke aloud, her velvety voice an epitome of sweetness and kindness, “Let’s not talk about all these self serving moldy politicians. You know as best as I do it is pointless wasting our precious lung power and crying hoarse over their vile acts and antics.  Instead, I propose we retire to the balcony and let me regale you with anecdotes from our halcyon days while you bite into your favourite Brittannia Marie biscuits dunked in the ‘world’s best tea ever’.

As a smile birthed in old man Thomas’ still handsome face, Mary, his wife of over three score years knew her charm had worked yet once more.

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