By Neel Anil Panicker

‘You seem to be elsewhere tonight. Is everything all right, King Kong?’

Prakasham extended his arm and picked up the glass of whisky from the side table.

Half reclining against the wall, he drank its contents in one gulp and then lighted a cigarette.

‘You haven’t answered my question, sweetheart?’

Prakasham turned his head and looked at the woman lying beside him. The silk nightie was hitched upwards to above her knees, revealing a pair of well toned milky white egs. His eyes moved upwards and settled at the deep V of her cleavage. He felt a stir up his loins and knew he was losing control yet again.

Damnt it! I need to focus. He reminded himself.

“I think we made a mistake, Priya.”

‘By falling for me, King Kong? I thought King Kong never makes mistakes; only sets right mistakes, right, my darling?’

The words, intonated in that husky ‘butter can melt’ honey laden voice worked like a balm, a much needed aphrodisiac.

Prakasham felt his hands roving once again.

“I know. But still, I think we should not have rushed this soon after Anjali’s murder”.

‘Ah, so now I get it. You never wanted Lekshmi out of your life. Isn’t that the truth? After all she was your wife, the one who added heft to your public personality, gave it the much needed veneer of respectability. It’s good for business, this get together of the super rich Iyengar  and Muthuswamy families, right Prakasham? As for me I am just a mistress, your keep, just a sexy young woman who you can’t keeps your hands off, who you come to every other night and every such times when you feel a little too horny and want a round of free uninhibited sex.’

Jolted by this frontal verbal assault, Prakasham turned around to say something but Priya brusquely pushed aside his hands and continued,

‘No, Mr Prakasham, I have had enough. Just by setting me up in this beautiful three room deluxe cage and doling me a pithy monthly allowance which you  hand over on a weekly basis ebery time you pass by and feel the urge  to have a quick quickie of your brand of wildly kinky sex you shouldn’t feel that I will ever be satisfied. I am done with being happy with such beggarly droppimgs. It’s time you give me what I want and that I…’

A shard of pain shot up to his chest. Despite the air conditioning, Prakasham found himself sweat as beads of sweat formed around his temples.

He tried to strike a placatory note.

“Oh! Oh! my sweetheart, my butterfly. It’s not as you think. You know that I love you and I have promised that we will live together soon as man and wife. It’s just that we need to bide our time. The case…cases, rather, are still very hot. We need to first save our asses. Things, I am afraid are turning worse. I shouldn’t have listened to you. The police, I fear, is onto something. We need to…”

Priya shot up from the bed and poured herself a glass of whisky.

 ‘Ah, there I get it.  So the buck stops at me. I am now to be blamed for the two murders. Is it my fault if you botched them up? Tell me is it my fault that you gave her an…’

His face nor dripped of all colour, Prakasham felt the pain rise in his chest. He pulled himself out of the bed and paced the floor of the oblong shaped bedroom.

Suddenly, he stopped, slipped on his trousers and shirt and walked towards the door.

Watching him leave, Priya fired her final salvo.

‘King Kong, you settle this business smoothly. And remember, I need a public marriage within six months and half the property in my name. Also, Rs 100 crores immediately transferred into into Shivam’s bank account that is jointly held by me. I hope you haven’t forgotten who Shivam is? And in case you have let me remind you that Shivam is our biological son__yours and mine.’

Prakasham dragged his feet out of the room and out of the house. Thankfully, the lift was open and soon he found himself out of Silvery Heights.

Seconds later and seated in the luxurious comfort of his Mercedes, he instructed the driver to head towards The Metropolitan Club.

As the four wheel drive picked up speed and sped through the near empty city roads, Prakasham closed his eyes and let out a silent prayer imploring Lord Muruga to help extricate him from his current troubles.



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