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photo by NASA (yes, THAT NASA – which is why you want to click through to the full size picture for the full effect) via Unsplash

By Neel Anil Panicker

Often had she heard people say that her Prince Charming as and when he would come would arrive riding a tall white horse and will lift her off her feet and gallop away to his fantabulous palace by the ocean where she would be attended all day by a never ending stream of fairies who would treat every wish of hers as their command.

But never had she ever in her wildest of dreams and imaginatioins ever thought that her Prince Charming would be an all white apparition who would come floating by in his huge conical Spaceship and zoom her off to an alien sphere beyond the skies.

Looking at her utter state of bewilderment, her ‘Spaceman’ hubby whispered, his voice a rich baritone that resonated from inside his giant helmet shaped head, “Relax, my baby, I am taking on the trip of your life and soon you will arrive at my Dreamland where time stands still and and all you do is float in happiness.”

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Three Line Tales, Week 116

Three Line Tales, Week 116


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