By Neel Anil Panicker

“Dr. David, so what have you to say about it”?

Detective Willie could hear the tick of a clock on the other end of the phone line as the seconds sped by.

‘Willie, I have read the reports and the cause of the death is a head injury. The victim’s left cranial membrane reveals a slight depression, the cause being a single brutal blow administered by a heavy blunt object. But…’

Detective Willie cupped his hands and waited for the revelation.

The voice on the other end continued, this time albeit, in slower measured tones, “
“Willie, whoever this woman is, the murderer or murderers have played very smart. She was first rendered immobile and unconscious and then killed in her sleep.”

Detective Willie couldn’t hold himself back. He blurted out, “How do say that with surety, doc?”

The voice on the other end proffered, “Willie, there are heavy traces of Melatonin in her blood. It’s a hormonal drug, something like a sleeping pill, but works ten times more powerfully. While the medically advisable dosage for an adult is under 5 gms per day, the dosage that was found in her body was an astonishing 100 gms, enough to keep an adult asleep for over 48 hours at a stretch.”

Detective Willie gasped in horror.

“I have said all that I know, Willie. Now, I leave it to your deductive reasoning skills to put two and two together, my friend. Got to be going now. It’s another jam packed day of appointments. Goodbye.”

Detective Willie put the phone down and let out a soft whistle even as he stared down at the ‘Detailed Forensics Report of Mrs Anjali Muthuswamy-Yadav’, the late wife of IAS Officer Rajesh Yadav and sole heir to the Muthuswamy business empire.



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