Z IS FOR ZOOMING OFF  (A-Z CHALLENGE) ‘ZEENIE BABY’ BLOOMS By Neel Anil Panicker “Beautiful, aren’t they?” Cochin SP City Isaac John lifted his police cap, adjusted the rim of his glasses and looked around the fifty metre square garden that abutted the ‘Estate of the Family of William Frederick D’ Costa’. He couldn’t but … Continue reading neelwrites/ZisforZoomingaway/zeeniebabyblooms/A-ZChallenge/fiction/26/04/2018


Y IS FOR YAHOO!  (A-Z CHALLENGE) By Neel Anil Panicker 36 HOURS LATER… INTENSIVE CARE UNIT THIRD FLOOR,   MEDICTY HOSPITAL “How is she now, Doctor?” Senior Consultant and Head of Surgical Department Dr. Arvind Deshmukh lifted his eyes from the stack of medical reports at his desk and looking up replied, “Lucky. She is … Continue reading neelwrites/YisforYahoo!/A-ZChallenge/fiction/25/04/2018


T IS FOR TROUBLES (A-Z CHALLENGE) PRIYA DARLING  By Neel Anil Panicker ‘You seem to be elsewhere tonight. Is everything all right, King Kong?’ Prakasham extended his arm and picked up the glass of whisky from the side table. Half reclining against the wall, he drank its contents in one gulp and then lighted a … Continue reading neelwrites/TisforTroubles/A-ZChallenge/fiction/20/04/2018


A- Z CHALLENGE Q IS FOR QUIZ TIME By Neel Anil Panicker “Wilie, do something. I don’t have much time. The pressure is immense. My boss needs answers on his desk ASAP. I have just about 48 hours to solve this case.” ‘Isaac, pass me that sprinkler, please.’ Detective Willie picked up the sprinkler offered … Continue reading neelwrites/QisforQuizTime/A-ZChallenge/fiction/17/04/2018


N IS NOCTURNAL  (A-Z CHALLENGE) NIGHT LOVERS   By Neel Anil Panicker At exactly half past eleven the lift doors opened and a lone figure stepped out. The lone security guard, a man well past superannuation age,  who kept vigil at the entrance was too lost to sleep, his body half slumped onto the rattling steel … Continue reading neelwrites/NisforNocturnal/A-ZChallenge/fiction/14/04/2018