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By Neel Anil Panicker

KOCHI: Three days after the discovery of a headless body the City Police today found the other severed body parts from different places all around the city precincts. A limb, presumably the right foot, was recovered from inside a garbage bin in Palaraivattom area of Cochin City on Wednesday morning while the torso was found inside a gunny bag thrown into an open pit behind the Collectorate Office. Another discovery, this time of a severed left hand, was made by a person, now identified as a  milk delivery man, made from near an abandoned warehouse, two blocks away from Panampally Nagar, a upper class residential area that is home to senior government officials and top industrialists.

With these discoveries today we have found all the body parts and post registration of a case, investigations are on. Meanwhile, we have collected all the body parts and soon they will be sent for several FSL tests and a DNA profiling test to ascertain the identity of the woman,” Superintendent of Police Isaac John told reporters outside City Police Headquarters.

Meanwhile, the police have not been able to make any headway in the case of Anjali Yadav, wife of IAS officer Rajesh Yadav, who went missing a week ago.

 “We have formed a crack team that is looking into the case and expect to crack the case soon,” said SP John, though denying any connection with the two cases that have rocked the city of Cochin in the past one week and brought in a fear psychosis among its residents.

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