FFfAW Challenge-Week of December 19, 2017

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By Neel Anil Panicker

“It looks like our love will die a brutal end,” a scared Preeti cried out.

‘Have faith my dear. I’m sure not all are beasts’ replied Aslam.

His eyes burned as he looked across the half lit room at his ladylove.

The two were holed up in an inner corner room of Swaroop Nagar Police Station.

Outside, they could hear the crowd turning restless, the sloganeering getting shriller and more strident by the minute.

‘Kill the traitor”, “Down with Love Jihadists”, “Protect our women, save Hinduism”.

Leading the blood thirsty group of sloganeers were Preeti’s parents including her two brothers, one elder and the other, a mere twelve years old.

They’re all braying for Aslam’s blood.

Inspector Sharma entered the room.

“They’re mad. Hail from the Dark Ages. Will kill both of you. Take the backdoor. There’s a car waiting outside. Go, get a life. Escape these mad people and their antediluvian mind sets.”

As the two disappeared, Inspector Sharma muttered a prayer.

He was thankful he wasn’t an old dinosaur.

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9 thoughts on “neelwrites/humanfossil/FFfAW/fiction/shortstory/175words/19/12/2017

  1. I’m sorry. I may not be understanding your story correctly. What is a “Love Jihadist?”


    1. Hi James, a Love Jihadist is a new coinage that is ascribed by Hindu religious fundamentalists who believe that Muslim men are being trained to entrap innocent Hindu girls in fake love marriages and ultimately convert then to their own religion.
      This is called Love Jihad, Jihad being Arabic for holy war.


    2. Hi James, Just to expand on Neel’s excellent explanation, India is being ruled by a religious fundamentalist party today, which thrives on scare-mongering against all minority religions, especially Islam. So, they actively create and encourage such thoughts and ideas to polarize the majority community of Hindus in their favor.

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  2. A nice change for the Inspector to be helping the living 🙂

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  3. That was nice of the inspector to let them go so they could avoid the crowd! Great story, Neel!


  4. So relevant to the mad times that we are living in today in our country. It makes me sad, angry, and frustrated, all at the same time.


  5. Your story and subsequent comment thread with James makes me want to know more about the situation in India. Good story and you’ve piqued my interest, off to the internet I go.


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