Sunday Photo Fiction – July 23rd 2017

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206 07 July 23rd 2017

© A Mixed Bag 2009

By Neel Anil Panicker

“Just keep looking into my eyes.”

‘How does that help. We’re high in the sky, in this bloody thing. And I’m damn nervous.’

“Trust me. I tell you. Nothing’s going to happen.”

‘Why? Why should I trust you? Why should I believe what you say? And by the way, who are you to tell me this? I don’t think we have met before, have we?’

“No, mademoiselle, I assure you we haven’t met before. But I admit to having watched you. In here, this very place, moments before you entered this pod. You were by the booking window. And I was there, right behind you.”

‘Oh, is that so?’

“Yes, your hands…err, they’re shaking. And then they announced the next ride. I saw you trundle towards the entry gates. You’re still shaking, more than hesitant. I thought you would drop out, turn back. By then they had sounded the final call. Perforce, you stepped in. That’s when I knew you needed help…someone to guide you, someone who you could believe in, someone who would allay your fears, someone in whom you could trust, someone in whose eyes you would find strength and solace, someone who would remove your fear of heights forever.”

‘And you believe you’re that someone?’

“I don’t believe. I’m. Your eyes say so.”

©neelanilpanciker2017 #SPF #fiction #loveintheair

11 thoughts on “neelwrites/loveintheair/spf/215/fiction/24/07/2017

  1. What a charmer, Neel, quite irresistible!

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  2. Sreeblogs

    Beautiful 😮

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  3. Sounds creepy – if I were her I’d wait until the ride peaked, then shove him out. Good story though.

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  4. The guy is smooth, I’ll give him that. Hope the girl isn’t gullible. Great dialogues here Neel. Well done.

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    1. The guy is smooth. I do hope he lands smoothly as well. Will be good for both. Eternal optimist that i am. Thanks Varad for the appreciation. Cheers, Neel.


  5. My name, it is Sherlock Holmes

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  6. Why isn’t that guy around when I need him?
    Good story, Neel.

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  7. I love this story Neel. He is a real ladies man. I wonder of he really is french or uses the accent

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