Three Line Tales, Week 145

Three Line Tales, Week 145

three line tales, week 145: a steam train crossing the Glenfinnan Viaduct


Maria woke up to the roar of the steam engine and as she looked through her frost filled window the sight that greeted her was pristine, other wordly, magical to say the least.

There, laid out in front of her, was a feast for the eyes___undulating valleys covered in carpets of sheer green that was now being topped by newer ever changing coatings of pearly white fumes that floated over into the azure blue skies.

‘It’s beautiful nee it’s more, much more than beautiful’ , Maria whispered, the words, each syllabic sound, bursting out of her misty lips and wafting into the air, adding its bit to the beauty of the scene.

Mind’s s a train


just chugs along

churning love.

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7 thoughts on “neelwrites/threelinetales/haibun/09/11/2018

  1. The micro-poem at the end is beautiful.


    1. I agree! So precise and well said ❤

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  2. Your three line tale is so well developed – lots of detail and description – but I have to agree with Reena: I am in love with your micro poem at the end! Concise, precise, and exactly describes the juxtaposition between love and sustaining, maintaining, that love. It isn’t always sweeping views and misty lips, sometimes it just chugs along because you know it’s there, you’ve fed it and watered it…sometimes your mind convinces you it’s there and you keep chugging along, when the love in unrequited and never yours at all. So much thought behind the precise words. Love it ❤

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  3. Excellent piece, Neel, and great photo of the Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland’s West Highlands.

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