Three Line Tales, Week 145

Three Line Tales, Week 145

three line tales, week 145: a steam train crossing the Glenfinnan Viaduct


Maria woke up to the roar of the steam engine and as she looked through her frost filled window the sight that greeted her was pristine, other wordly, magical to say the least.

There, laid out in front of her, was a feast for the eyes___undulating valleys covered in carpets of sheer green that was now being topped by newer ever changing coatings of pearly white fumes that floated over into the azure blue skies.

‘It’s beautiful nee it’s more, much more than beautiful’ , Maria whispered, the words, each syllabic sound, bursting out of her misty lips and wafting into the air, adding its bit to the beauty of the scene.

Mind’s s a train


just chugs along

churning love.

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It’s been almost three weeks since i have put pen paper…written as much as a word. Blame it on vacation…that eight letter word that strikes you every year or so and leaves you completely bamboozled at the end of it all. Bamboozled, that’s i feel now at the end of it all. Completely detoxed, still half dazed, my mind refusing to come back to work mode, I feel tentative as i take my baby steps back to the world of writing, to the world of blogdom, to the exciting, exhilarating world of fiction writing…writing books, short stories, poems…ah, to the world of the written word, to the world of writing.

To all my dear blogger friends, my followers and all those who connect with me on a daily or weekly basis from across the globe I apologise for my absence but then i also say__ what the hell, everyone needs a vacation, a detoxification, a celebration every once in a while.

To stare at life afresh, to recharge one’s batteries, to view the world the beautiful people who inhabit it with newer, fresher perspectives and hopefully to find new meaning and purpose in life.


Unsteady fingers

type in heart’s meanderings 

new emotions birth. 




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By Neel Anil Panicker 
The contentious nature of some debates ensures that however much and appreciable are the efforts to keep the conversation speeding smoothly on the even path of deductive logic, sooner or later one is bound to derail as one strives but miserably fails to steer clear of the bumpy roads that are liberally peppered with more pot holes than there are pockmarks on a chicken pox ravaged visage.
Add to that the mindless chatter of the ubiquitous donkeys and their canine cousins (all metaphorical, I may add here!) that rules the airwaves, and what you get is inane, headless talks that keep ever going off the rails and fast careening southwards.
The other day I was part of one such ‘vibrant’ discussion and as the hours sped by well into the night, things had turned decidedly ribald with all the know all talking heads fighting for or against the topic at hand which was: What comes first love or lust?
It soon dawned on all of us that there wasn’t any definitive answer to this centuries old beguiling question, much like there isn’t a very convincing theological, scientific, or otherwise answer to that age mother bouncer of all questions: what came first_ the chicken or the egg?

They were a made for each other

She fell in love; he rose in lust.

If you get caught it is cheating

If you don’t get caught it is mating.