PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

By Neel Anil Panicker 

It’s over.

I’m done…done with you.

I don’t need you.

Not anymore.

‘You sure?’ you ask.

“Dead sure”, I say.

Dead sure ‘coz I’m done with taking insults__the poison dipped barbs, the not so veiled innuendos that come my way every single time I take a stroll down the park, or so much as amble across to the weekly vegetable market, or worse, bend my knees in obeisance inside the hallowed precincts of the local temple.

Yeah, I’m ditching you.

All set to get hitched to a girl.

Any girl who’d love a man without a leg or two.

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6 July 2018



17 thoughts on “neelwrites/movingon/fridayfictioneers/flashfiction/100words/05/07/2018

  1. Better to find someone who will accept him as he is.

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  2. Is he ditching a girl or the leg?

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    1. He is ditching his prosthetic leg and moving on in the hope of finding love.


  3. This reads a little like he’s ditching a girlfriend

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    1. He’s ditching his prosthetic leg in the hope of finding genuine love.


    2. That’s how I read it too

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  4. Hope he finds a woman who will love him as he is & likewise.

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  5. Very sad. I hope things look up for him.

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  6. On second reading I realised he was shouting at his leg, not his gal, although it would be a great little tale either way!

    Click to read my FriFic tale

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  7. Every now and again we need to declutter our lives and focus. He is doing that and I wish him well. The right girl will be out there for him.

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  8. At first I thought he was ditching his girlfriend then realised his attachment to the leg was like that to another person, I liked the way it emerged at the end

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  9. Dear Neel,

    Sad that he feels he has to ditch his prosthetic leg to win the love of his girlfriend. It doesn’t say a whole lot for her as a person of any depth. Well done.



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  10. This reads like an astute rendering of the low periods often experienced by those who are dependent upon an accommodation, such as a “false” leg, but feel ambivalent about needing it.

    A similar dialog could be engaged in by a depressed person who needs antidepressants, or a poor student who needs learning supports for his dyslexia or autism.

    Well done. But i think he will feel differently after trying to survive without it.


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