neelwritesblog/#SoCS-Novel Ideas/07/11/2016


#SoCS – Novel Ideas


By Neel Anil Panicker

HAPPY New Year!

Now, now… what must you be thinking__“But Neel, the new year’s still more than a month away?”

Well, that’s absolutely true, but then… blame it on Linda.

Dear Linda has come up with this very interesting ‘Stream of Consciousness’ thought word today and it is “novel” and, the first word that jumped out of my mind is its root word nov which means new; hence the rather untimely but I guess welcome greeting.

Let me firstly run you through what the dictionary tells us about the root of “novel”.

In Latin nov means “ new”.

Here are some other derivates of this:

  1. novel: “new” (adj.)
  2. novel: a “new” prose story (n.)
  3. novella: a short “novel”
  4. innovation: act of making something “new”
  5. innovate: to make something “new”
  6. novelty: a “new” item
  7. renovate: to make “new” again
  8. Nova Scotia: “New” Scotland
  9. nova: a star which “newly” appears in the sky
  10. supernova: an exploding star which “newly” appears in the sky
  11. novice: a person “new” to something
  12. novitiate: a person “new” to a religious order
  13. nouveau: French adjective for “new”
  14. novus ordo saeclorum: Latin for “new” order of the ages


It was just about a year ago, novice though I was, I boldly embarked on an ambitiously novel idea to put pen to paper. The venture started out as a novella but soon innovatively metamorphosed into a full fledged novel. The main character, an alien, novitiate as he is to the all matters earthly, explodes like a supernova and settles himself in the all too real setting of grand Nova Scotia.

Finding himself surrounded by nouveau riche denizens, our fictional tries various innovative techniques as he, an utter novitiate, endeavours to find acceptance among the people.

Not only does our ‘hero’ try and renovate certain things around but he also puts forth certain path breaking innovative ideas that gradually lead to his widespread acceptance among the citizens.

As all his innovations turns out to be such a novelty due to their high degree of innovativeness, our hero, after umpteen nail biting twists and turns, each an absolute novelty, manages to succeed in his goal, which is to create a novus ordo saeclorum.

Thus he becomes a nova and lords over novice Earth.



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