By Neel Anil Panicker

Professor Amritanand had done his job_ he had prepared the years’ Matriculation Mathematics paper.

Now, all he had to do was seal it in an envelope and lock it in the strong room.

He was about to do so when his mind sprang alive with the conversation of the previous evening.

The man over the telephone had said “Please hand over a duplicate question paper”.

‘That’s cheating’,  he had retorted, adding, ‘I won’t do it.’

“For Rs 30 lakhs you definitely would, Sir,”.

Professor Anand let his fingers fly.

He never was one to say no to money.

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March 29: Flash Fiction Challenge


March 29: Flash Fiction Challenge



By Neel Anil Panicker

It’s time we draw the curtain on this unfortunate episode of our lives hoping that we don’t commit the same mistakes that we did and…

“Hoping that we commit fresh ones, right John?”

Well, if what you have just made is a sarcastic remark then let me tell that I am unwilling to humour you with a response.

“Oh! is that so, my dear husband ‘on paper’ for twenty odd years?”

“Or should I say the real reason for your  current display of all encompassing  philosophical mindset is that little nymphomaniac that you have tucked away in a remote corner of your office?”

Looks like it’s  curtains on our marriage.
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By NeelAnil Panicker

“You don’t look like you could cook.”

This was their second date and Raj had invited Anjali to his pad.

He smiled at her from across the kitchen table, the same impish curve she had noticed the first time they had ‘bumped’ at the coffee shop.

She noticed it__first, the hands, the hands, the way it disappeared under the drawer and it’s reappearance, in a jiffy
It was then that she saw it__the compact cake__a heart shaped balloon and inscribed on it, in red, “Happy Birthday, Esther.’

How could he…her mouth formed but no sound came forth. She was speechless!.


March 8: Flash Fiction Challenge

March 8: Flash Fiction Challenge



By Neel Anil Panicker

Mary’s suddenly felt the full weight of her over 80 kg body mass as her hands went limp and the legs gave way. Myriad images began to swim in her head and icicles of a slow moving pain began to shoot into her inner membranes, the pain increasing by the moment as if she were struck by a ten tonne truck.

Somehow she managed to plonk herself onto the corner bedroom sofa but in doing so the hot cup of tea that she held in her by now shivering hands slipped and fell onto the marble floor, shattering to pieces and exacerbating the heightened sense of anxiety and powerlessness that she felt at this moment.

It was then that the phone that stood daintily at the study table beside her sprang to life.

At first she didn’t hear it, and soon after when her scarred mind slowly awakened to its incessant rings, she turned around and lifted the cradle from its receiver.

“I knew you would turn hyper. I wanted you to” . The shrill voice on the other end was evil personified.

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Time To Write: Random Words 8 [Creative Writing Prompt]




By Neel Anil Panicker

Shelly closed the door, drew the curtains, and after switching off the lights, sat in the corner edge of the now darkened room.

The last six months had been the most traumatic period of her life what with her husband, her dear darling husband__the one for whom she had turned her back against her entire family, even to the point of severing all relations with them__dead, gone off in a jiffy, perishing to one of fate’s whimsical turns.

Bereft and left with no substantive funds, and with two mouths to feed, life had come to a standstill, where all roads led to a dead end and the only recourse left for her was to step out of her hitherto cocooned existence and get herself a job, any job, a job that would keep body and soul together and help her raise her six year old son.

But who would give a 30-year-old undergraduate with zilch experience a job in a highly cut throat competitive market teeming with ultra qualified super achievers?

None, except one__a man who she met quite serendipitously while at a job interview, a man who owned a company worth hundreds of crores, a 55 year old much married man who lived in a de luxe villa and moved around in fancy cars, also a man with a taste for beautiful women.

And so when the offer came she took the bait and saw in him the crane that would help left her out of the deep morass that her life had become.

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By Neel Anil Panicker

She was all things to all people, especially to her innumerable lovers.

Some called her egalitarian, a libertarian, a person who believed in giving her all, mind, body and soul, in no particular order,  though there were still some naysayers, that very rare breed of perennially Doubting Thomases who doubted is she possessed the last stated quality.

To them she was a ravishingly beautiful seductress who, having worked her considerable charm on each of her suitors, pitted them against one another, and then blissfully watched them from the sides, as the hapless ‘victims’ fought amongst themselves. It was a never ending game in which there no one winner and everybody ended up on the losing side, save the woman for whom the entire was staged, or to paraphrase, stage managed.

Sadist is what they called her for her (mis)deeds; Sadist-Marxist, to be precise.
Sadist because she seemed to relish nee derive unadulterated pleasure out of watching her considerable retinue of ‘admirers’ fighting and killing themselves, all to lay claim to her; Marxist, because she genuinely believed that the only way for a society to progress was through constant class struggle.

Replace ‘society’ with her, and class struggle with “never ending feuds among her lovers” and what emerges thereafter is rightful ‘transfer of property’, that’s she.

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Welcome To Six Sentence Stories

Week’s cue is TRANSFER.




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By Neel Anil Panicker

Mumma, it’s getting late. I am leaving. Bye.”

“Ok Rahul. I have placed your lunch box. Also your Lab coat. Remember, today is your Practicals. And be careful, don’t misplace your pencil box again.”

As Asha turned around from the door, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

‘Baby, you sure you will be fine? I can cancel my flight if you want.’

“No not at all. You proceed. You said the Japanese are coming, right? It’s a big deal, and  I don’t want the brightest manager of Amtek Technologies sitting at home and twiddling his thumbs while someone else hogs the limelight”.

Shami opened his mouth to say something but Asha quietened him with a slight peck and straightening his tie, led him out of the house.

With both hubby and son disposed off, Asha plonked herself on the sofa and awaited the ring of the phone.

It was a call that could change the course of her life. Not only hers but also her family’s, their entire collective futures were linked to that one call.

Would it be positive or negative? Her thoughts went back to last week.

‘Asha, there’s a tumour in your lungs. We are not sure if it’s cancerous. Let’s wait for the final report.’

The phone rang. For a while it didn’t register, lost as she were in the doctor’s words.

The tenth ring woke her up; she found herself shaking, her hands trembling, the palms turning moist.

Her mind went into a tizzy as her heart beats began to jump up and down like a yo-yo gone off the rails.

With great difficulty she picked up the phone only to hear the words, ‘Asha, you are safe. It’s just a lump.”

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Weekend Writing Prompt #43 – Heartbeat

Weekend Writing Prompt #43 – Heartbeat