By Neel Anil Panicker

“It’s lovely, isn’t it?”

Albert turned around. His eyes were twinkling brighter than the brightest star.

‘Mesmerizing and tantalizing are the words for me, darling!’

A little taken aback by the response, Violet prodded further, “But I thought you hated music, Al?”

‘Hated? Well, that’s too strong a word, dear. All I object to is sitting up in bed well beyond earthly hours only to hear Maria Carrey hit an E-flat at the dead of night when all the world and its neighbourhood have lost themselves to sweet dreams’.

Violet smiled at the answer and offered a reprieve.

“Well, that‘s understandable. To each his own. But still, I am a wee bit intrigued as to why you describe what you are hearing now as tantalizing.”

Al opened his mouth to say something but soon his words got drowned in a sea of rising decibel levels that echoed from all over the cavernous hall.

All eyes were on the stage; all feet up and applauding.

As the orchestra hit a half note and the lead singer’s voice reached a crescendo, Al leaned forward and whispered into his fiance’s ears, ‘See what I mean. This is what I call an All-Star performance; mesmerising to say the least. As for the tantalizing bit, these wonderful musicians have with their sterling music struck the right chord with the audience, and helped create the right ambience and mood.’

Not to be outdone,  Violet, her beautiful almond shaped face, glowing like a new bride’s first night, volleyed forth, “But dear you still haven’t answered as to why you find this evening’s music tantalizing”?

‘It’s not the music that I find tantalizing. It’s the prospect of what follows thereafter,’ replied Al as he locked eyes with his lady love under the soft glow of the full moon night.

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Three Things Challenge, 03 Sept 2018

FOWC with Fandango — Tantalizing

FOWC with Fandango — Tantalizing

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