Sunday Photo Fiction – January 14th 2018

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By Neel Anil Panicker

“I don’t think she will survive this summer, Sir.”

Dr Yashwant Rao Patil turned his vision away from the barbed wires and looked at his junior, Assistant Warden Prakash Sathe.

Under the glare of the mid-afternoon June sun, Patil’s eyes squinted as specks of dust settled around the rim of his high resolution telescopic lens that was mounted on a latest model DSL Canon camera.

Extricating a handkerchief out of his trouser pockets, the Chief Wildlife Warden of Bandhavgarh National Park went about wiping the lens clear of all particulate matter.

‘For once you’ve read my mind correctly, Sathe’.

The two men shifted their gaze back beyond the wires.They watched Sheela step out of her enclosure and take a stroll, barely ten feet from where they stood.

“Look at her, Patil Sir! It beats me to think what sane mind could even think about plucking a snow leopard from the Himalayan foothills and depositing her in this tropical heat.”

The senior colleague shook his head in disgust and spat out, “Not if the learned gent who took this decision happens to be this State’s Chief Minister and one known for his inability to distinguish between a rat and a cat.”

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11 thoughts on “neelwrites/gamesmenplay/SUNDAYPHOTOFICTION/fiction/flash/shortstory/200words/14/01/2018

  1. Loved this one! A telling comment on our system.

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  2. From elephants hobbled in chains to monkeys performing on leashes, we have always found ways to abuse our fellow creatures with insane indifference.
    Nice one, Neel.

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  3. Poor Sheila this is inhuman… the sad reality of our times


  4. Zoos at their worst I’m afraid.


  5. michael1148humphris

    Very well said, it seems total wrong to put a snow leopard in captivity, let alone in a warm climate.


  6. I’m afraid too many animals found themselves in such a situation. Polar Bears in the Southern California heat come to mind right away. I realize zoos are a money-making venture, but there’s no need to make the animals miserable. Great story. I felt like I was there.


  7. Horrible but true, that so many noble creatures have suffered and died due to the ignorance of the captors who thought to preserve them.


  8. Another one of your ‘Unfortunately, so true!’ stories. Remember the brilliant idea of the penguin enclosure in Bombay? Poor penguins died from the heat. I wish someone would transplant these politicians to a deserted island, so that the world could then live on in peace!


  9. The State’s Chief Minister must be the relative or pal of someone in power. He certainly didn’t get the position using his brains. I can imagine the disgust of the two men who knew better. Good writing, Neel. —- Suzanne


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