Alone, In Good Company

By Neel Anil Panicker

“I agree no man is an island and that we need to step out of our comfort zones and take the effort to connect with people, especially those  who are way different from us, and whose personalities we find ‘challenging’, emphasised Rita looking straight into her best friend’s eyes.

Ila shook her head to register her protest.

“See, all of us have our own ways to respond to life and people, and while I agree that I may seem a little aloof and that’s entirely because I can’t stand fools easily and prefer, instead to invest in my myself and improve my emotional, physical and mental well being. Now if all this means I come out as selfish and arrogant I don’t care a freckle as long as I am successful in save my time, breath, and energy to expend on activities that i deem more worthwhile to my overall well being.”

“Phew! that was one of the longest monologues that I have heard in all my 22 years of life on Planet Earth,” exclaimed Rita.

Ila smiled, and then laughed her heat out, her rolled over eyes clearly revealing her obvious pleasure at her friend’s repartee.

“You said it, sister”,  Ila responded, her voice an infectious happy note, “I may be alone, but let the world remember, I am never lonely; also, am always an oasis for all those weary souls to come over and rest, and recharge their batteries in solitituede every once in while after they get mighty deflated keeping up their pretense of being the ‘life of the party’,”.

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5 thoughts on “neelwrites/flash/sss/28/11/20

  1. Thank you Neel. As I said before, I am no longer running the prompt as I have cancer and ma in treatment…but it is lovely to see the old prompts being used 🙂


  2. While Rita and Ila relate themselves to the world quite differently, they sound by all accounts to be the best of friends. And I would hazard a guess they complement each other quite well 🙂 Ila is fortunate to be among those who can spend time by themselves and not necessarily feel lonely.


  3. dyannedillon

    We do all have our own ways! The two of them seem to balance each other out quite nicely!


  4. Pat Brockett

    The thought that comes is opposites attract. Love the direction you took with this SSS.


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