By Neel Anil Panicker

It took a while to reach there, but once having arrived at their destination, and watching the waterfall from a height of seven stories high, all their tiredness seemded to have evaporated.

Sheena was the first to have sighted the peat coloured waters as it gushed down the mountain slope. As the group of out of town picknickers gazed at the wondrous sight.

As the faces of her colleagues too cooled by the wind swept foamy droplets that swum all around the evening air, a cry of unbridled exuberance erupted, the resultant sound effect hanging in the wintry air like a giant rainbow.
For the next few frenzy filled moments, the clouds above conspired with the hills and the thick deciduous trees to echo their boisterousness and effervescence.

Watching his office colleagues sit down and spread their mats on the rocky yet grassy earth that abutted the stream, Vikram pursed his lips, his heart swelling with anticipation.

His eyes narrowed down on the third and only female member of the four member party—Priya.

There she sat, flanked on either end by Bharat and Inder, her more voluble colleagues.

As the last fading rays of the setting sun, before they disappeared under the distant hills, fell on her face, Priya daintily lifted her fingers and deftly sideswept a few strands of hair that had fallen over her eyes.

At that instant, her face lit up; radiating the brilliance of a 1000 watt bulb.

Watching the love of his life, Vikram felt the by now familiar ache in his heart rise to a swell.

He sat quietly and simply gazed at her, his love lorn self oblivious to the wondrous nature all around him.

A shout followed by a frenzied yell broke his reverie.

He glanced up only to see his Bharat guiding Sheena towards the waters.

Inder followed suit.

It was then that Vikram smelled his chance.

He hesitated for a moment; then, getting up, gingerly walked towards Priya.

It was his now or moment.

He had to reveal his inner feelings; had to confess his undying love.

The thought of doing so made him break into a cold sweat.

He found his steps faltering.

Would he be able to do it?

Would he be able to look the love of his life in the eye and say those magical three words.

As he neared her, his mind was a cauldron of emotions.

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1 thought on “neelwrites/flash/fiction/shortstory/06/03/2020

  1. Great story, Neel 🙂


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