By Neel Anil Panicker

“And why not,?” shot back Kashish as she gingerly placed her brand new Canon DLXR 3 in her backpack, carefully sand-witching it between a dozen books, all poetry

What’s better way to come close to Nature than being there, enjoying the solitude, with fingers rustling through the bounteous beauty that lay captured in Keat’s ode to Nature.

Watching her from the other end of the room, Joseph wondered, and not for the umpteenth time in the past two months, ever since the two had begun an affair whether he was doing the right thing by being part of a relationship where he had to subsumed his own interests and play second fiddle to a person who was not just highly dominating but also insisted on doing things her own way. What did he see in her, he wondered.

And then his gaze fell on her lissome figure, the sweep of her breasts as she turned around and looked at him, giving him the full benefit of her frontal landscape.

She was staring back, and he noticed the luscious bee stung red lips, her long slender crane shaped neck and above it, her lush jet black black hair that curled in rhythmic ways and fell defiantly all over her side’s, a few strands taking just above the arched and perfectly shaped eyebrows, haughty and teasing all at once.

Something stirred in the V around his thighs, and as he kept watching her, a wee bit stupefied and shamelessly, he knew that she knew why he still kept her company.

It was Nature working its magic.

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