By Neel Anil Panicker 

Imagine a child left to himself with a white sheet and lots of colours to play around with. Now imagine watching him, head bent, hands on the paper, fingers awkwardly clasping the large sized paint brush, dipping multi-hued colours onto the page; an eight year old indulging in his fantasies.

Now watch this artist in him go about his craft as he indulges on a murderous spree, unleashing a riot of psychedelic colours, his mind’ eye travelling distances that can never be captured any mathematical metrices.

Voila! The sheet’s metamorphosed into a farrago of eye popping, beguiling  colours each chasing, clashing, cavorting and cohabiting with the other. The resultant  effect: A child’s vision come alive on terra firma.

Now, look up and watch that umbrella that is the sky hovers above our heads, faithfully moving, keeping us company whereever we go; to whichever corner of the world our feet and passion take us.

On certain days, it’s just like the empty canvas of the child. A mere empty slate_____a large swathe of pearly white that spreads out like a giant blanket. On such days, it;s the lord; barring a band of pink ribbon that cuts a path through the edges of mountain peaks, nothing comes between the human eye and the heavens above.

On some other days, it turns bitter, broods, changes colour to a deep steel blue-grey that mirrors the hues of the highway.  It even rumbles and registers its anger.

Still, on some other days, it prefers to lie low, barely visible behind jagged mountain edges, refusing to come out despite the human eyes beseeching it to do so. Then, it merely casts its sadness in depressive muted shades and you feel like you are trapped in an fifty feet down cellar with nothing to do except stare at the lone, now on, now off bulb that threatens to die out any moment.

It is on days such as these when you desperately want to a way out; an outlet to vent your   masochistic feelings.

It was exactly on days such as these that Baldev Raj, the retired superintendent of police got bored and turned into a serial killer.

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