Weekend Writing Prompt #123 – Delicate


By Neel Anil Panicker
“I don’t know how to broach this topic, but then I need to. I would be doing a great injustice if I were…”

Not used to such non_linear talks, especially when coming from Ashwin who’d a reputation for straightforwadrness, Raghu  suddenly felt the mid-July heat tearing into his forty-year old parched skin.

A nonplussed expression formed on his face as he stared through his rimless spectacles into the unsteady eyes of his friend.

“You see,” continued Raghu, “as I said it’s a delicate matter. Your wife…”

“What…What about Rashmi?”

“You see, we’re in love. And she’s pregnant with our child. She…”

Fifteen minutes later, Ashwin was wheeled into the hospital.

His medical report stated, “Dead on arrival. Sudden cardiac arrest.”

#neelanilpanicker #fiction #shortstory

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