Sunday Photo Fiction – July 7 2019

Sunday Photo Fiction – July 7 2019

Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!


By Neel Anil Panicker

“You say your wife suffered from depression and that she’d been on medication for some two odd years and that due to this she sometimes turned forgetful and also became slightly disoriented and that on the day of the incident, you’d just come back from office at your usual time which is around eight in the evening and were in your room awaiting your wife who was preparing tea for you in the kitchen when you heard a sound, a blast, sort of ___ a cracker blast is what you thought it sounded like- your words, right?___, and seconds later, sensing something amiss, when you rushed into the kitchen where you thought the sound had come from, you saw that the cooking cylinder gas had burst and that your dear wife lay motionless on the floor, a mass of blackened soot, right?”

‘Yes…yes…she was dead, lifeless. I…I’

“Yes, please go ahead Mr Malhotra”.

‘I…I just stood there__frozen, utterly immobile for God knows how long before I passed out.’

Detective Chacko looked at the man who sat across the table from him; the young man’s 48-hour long unshaven face was a picture of indefinable pain.

“Tell me, Mr Akash Malhotra, if it were an accident as you say, then how come your wife’s body smelled of kerosene?”

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14 thoughts on “neelwrites/SPF/flash/fiction/shortstory/08/07/2019

  1. Oh-oh…I think he’s in a bit of trouble here…. Good job!

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  2. I’m thinking Akash better get himself an attorney, pronto! Detective Chacko is pretty on the ball. Doesn’t look good for the grieving husband.

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  3. Pat Brockett

    I think that this mystery is pretty much solved quickly within this Six! Well done.

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  4. UP

    Disturbing six. But good.

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  5. Smart detective. Let’s hope that forensics got enough evidence to send him to jail.


  6. dyannedillon

    Nice! I do love a good murder story!

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  7. So sad, and too often true. Well told!


  8. Wow! This is so concise of a six! Well executed.

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  9. Never underestimate what the detective ‘nose’.

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