Sunday Photo Fiction – June 23, 2019

Padre Basket

Photo Credit Courtesy of Padre of Padre’s Ramblings

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By Neel Anil Panicker

“Monsieur, I highly recommend the Elvio Cogno ‘Bricco Pernice Barolo 2012. 

It’s the best; in fact the bestest if my use some grammatical liberty.”

Arvind Pandey looked at the tall willowy man who stood, head half bowed, eyes lit and clad in a 32-tooth silver tinged smile that immediately reminded him of a popular toothpaste advertisement that he’d been watching for God knows how long.

‘Damn’t it! This handsome dude would the reigning Bollywood hero a run for his money. No ways can he be a mere waiter,’ wondered Arvind as he looked up from his centre table throne.

As if reading his thoughts, the young man in the all white liveried ensemble proffered, “Monsieur, it is not for nothing do I recommend such a wine. I am a sommelier. In other words, a wine steward, and I’m trained to ferret out the best wines money can buy in this world. You have my word that Elvio Cogno is the best wine to have come out of a five hundred year old cellar.  In fact it scores the highest on all metrices including drinkability, interesting flavor profiles, value, and, above all, deliciousness.”

Arvind meekly nodded his acquiescence as the waiter began to fill his glass.

He knew it was time to broaden his expertise beyond just looting banks.

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