THE 2000 YARD STARE (99 words) By Neel Anil Panicker  “Where did you find him.” ‘In the forests behind where we live. Had no clothes on and was screaming. Usually he’s in his room, locked. He half sleeps the night. Is not much harm if you can keep humans away. Don’t know how he got out. … Continue reading neelwrites/whatpegmansaw/99words/collateraldamage/27/04/2017/


A DAUGHTER’S QUEST By Neel Anil Panicker  (174 words) GENRE: HISTORICAL FICTION ‘What do I do now?’ Inder looked at Lisa and his heart sank. The two had spent a sleepless 48 hours, rummaging through town, hunting every square inch of space, walking upto strangers, inquiring, probing, requesting, cajoling, once even threatening__ all with the … Continue reading neelwrites/whatpegmansaw/fiction/shortstory/174words/21/04/2017


KEEPING THE FAITH Dubrovnik, Croatia By Neel Anil Panicker  (173 words) Outside the southside bay of the fifth-century-old Pula Cathedral that stood at the foothills of the 17th century Venetian fort in Dubrovnik, Croatia, it was business as usual for the locals. A young boy cycled past the famed 4th century church oblivious to the sanctity … Continue reading neelwrites/fiction/whatpegmansaw/shortstory/173words/11/04/2017


Men are from Mars…  (150 words) By Neel Anil Panicker ‘Shhh…the show’s started.’ Welcome to our Solar System. Today we talk about Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest. Often described as the Red Planet… “Jesus, I hate this science stuff. Couldn’t we just leave?”, Harish implored Ananya in the dark. … Continue reading neelwrites/fiction/shortstory/whatpegmansaw/150words/04/04/2017


THE CONFESSION     (199 words) GENRE: HISTORICAL FICTION Nassau, Bahamas By Neel Anil Panicker  “Doc, I murdered Oakes.”   Dr Johnson looked at the ECG monitor. The patient’s vital parameters had plummeted. The man was dying. He looked at him and his heart plunged into sadness. Harold Christie was not just another wealthy patient; over the … Continue reading neelwrites/fiction/shortstory/whatpegmansaw/27/03/2017


NO KIDDING (159 words)   GENRE : HISTORICAL FICTION By Neel Anil Panicker In Africa, a poor kid’s life quest is a binary: become a criminal or a footballer. There’s no third. ‘Hey, genuis,’ manager Musoke said. He was in charge of Cranes Coach, a man whose team had become a byword in excellence, having … Continue reading neelwrites/fiction/shortstory/whatpegmansaw/150words/21/03/2017


AN IRISH HIGH     (167 words) Dublin courtesy Google Maps  By Neel Anil Panicker Al ran his fingers over the peak of his cap, fingers caressing the gold emblazoned legend ‘The Guinness Brewery’. A gang of boisterous teenage girls, clinked beer glasses, giggling and squealing from across their table. He cocked his head in approval. Girlfriend … Continue reading neelwrites/fiction/shortstory/whatpegmansaw/dublin/150words/12/03/2017


LOVE IN THE STRATOSPHERE   St. Louis – THE GATEWAY ARCH By Neel Anil Panicker As the tram swung skywards, Arvind Swamy’s face flushed with joy.   Barely an hour into his marriage, the young Indian engineer was fulfilling a long cherished wish: a ride atop the 640 feet high Gateways Arch, the tallest man made … Continue reading neelwrites/fiction/shortstory/whatpegmansaw/150words/06/03/2017


Amazon River, Brazil Amazing Amazon Nights By Neel Anil Panicker Forty-two year old Susan George from Idaho was living her dream. Having won a staff lottery, the Wal Mart executive had booked herself for a three-day boat ride through the Brazilian rainforests. The sun was setting on Day One of her Amazing Amazon cruise and … Continue reading neelwrites/fiction/shortstory/175words/whatpegmansaw/25/02/2017


WHITE DOT/ BLACK SPOT By Neel Anil Panicker   ( word count: 162) Haruki Nakaoka inserted the ATM card, punched in a few keys, and pocketed the crispy yens that ejected out of its mouth. The twenty-one-year old was out on a double celebration: to mark his law school graduation; also his first date since leaving … Continue reading neelwites/fiction/shortstory/whatpegmansaw/20/02/2017