WILL YOU TOLERATE ME? By Neel Anil Panicker Will you tolerate me a little more? Will you promise that you would not brand me an infidel, call me names, worse, threaten me with  rape, murder, or harangue me day and night, scream your throats hoarse about throwing me into the Bay of Bengal? Will you … Continue reading neelwrites/iamahindu/india/poem/25/07/2018


Many thanks to the wonderful Rochelle for hosting this excellent weekly challenge called FRIDAY FICTIONEERS at SLEEPING BEAUTY   PHOTO PROMPT © Karuna By Neel Anil Panicker My slumberous self wakes up in spiteful sweat, stony eyes locking horns with walls that mirror my lonesome existence. And then it begins, the hallucinations, one of … Continue reading neelwrites/FF/sleepingbeauty/fiction/shortstory/100words/31/05/2017


A fictional story relating to the tragic Manchester bombing. Written for Friday Fictioneers Challenge hosted by Rochelle. 26 May 2017 MANCHESTER MONSTER (99 words) PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll By Neel Anil Panicker With much trepidation she steps into Chelsea’s room. ‘Mama, I’m a grown up girl. No entering my room, ok?’ The words … Continue reading neelwrites/FF/manchestermonster/99words/24/05/2017