LOVE’S SWEET MUSIC    By Neel Anil Panicker “It’s lovely, isn’t it?” Albert turned around. His eyes were twinkling brighter than the brightest star. ‘Mesmerizing and tantalizing are the words for me, darling!’ A little taken aback by the response, Violet prodded further, “But I thought you hated music, Al?” ‘Hated? Well, that’s too strong … Continue reading neelwrites/love’ssweetmusic/FOWC/ThreeThingsChallenge/flash/fiction/301words/04/09/2018


PRISON BREAK By Neel Anil Panicker “STOP. Strictly no touching.  Hands off the table”. Edrin lifted his shaggy dog eared eyes and looked  to his left, at the prison guard. ‘Damn’t, can’t he turn blind, at least for a moment’, he muttered, as he locked eyes with Diana. The two were at the Cochin Central … Continue reading neelwrites/prisionbreak/threethingschallenge/ttc/flash/shortstory/18/07/2018


IT’S PAY BACK TIME By Neel Anil Panicker Vishwan’s eyes bored through the contents of the fifty page file___each page headed with neatly indented paragraphs, some embellished further with sub headings, timelines et al but all with notations such as place, type of food ordered, credit card bills etc…etc… Finally, when he had had enough … Continue reading neelwrites/it’spaybacktime/sss/ttc/flashfiction/14/07/2018