WelcomeTo Six Sentence Stories Hosted by ZOE at This week’s cue is TUNE! LINK ‘ER UP! TARGET PRACTICE  By Neel Anil Panicker “Fine tune your ears and latch onto every single word that I am about to say now for a lot of blood is going to be spilt in the next hour or so; simply … Continue reading neelwrites/targetpractice/part31ofadangerouslove/novella/fiction/177words/16/12/2017

neelwrites/TTD-#1/fiction/six sentence stories/20/04/2017

THE TIHAR DIARIES (PART 1) By Neel Anil Panicker It was 2.50 pm., Monday afternoon, in Tihar Jail, and the inmates were returning from the workshops. The grueling five and half hour morning shift had just got over and the inmates, some 250 of them segmented into ten groups of around 25 each were now … Continue reading neelwrites/TTD-#1/fiction/six sentence stories/20/04/2017