Eastwards or westwards went like an unhinged yo-yo Heart’s trajectories. When my frozen brain eyed her then melted all my feelings. #neelanilpanicker #poem #tanka Saturday Mix – Opposing Forces, 3 March 2018 Our words this week are: – East and West – melt and freeze


Life’s very last gasps Spring forth deadened memories Sins seek forgiveness.   One life’s not enough To wipe off all earthly sins Have mercy, he screams.   Upstairs he departs Awaiting deliverance Fate hangs in limbo. (c)2018neelanilpanicker #poem #tanka


Man dares to trump life drinking cups of happiness. Alas! his joy spills over. Karmic mantras are at play God’s unseen hand holds all cards. (c)neelanilpanciker2018 #poem #tanka #challenge&dare   WELCOME TO TANKA TUESDAY! Here are the two prompt words for this week’s challenge: DESTINY & CHALLENGE #SynonymsOnly Colleen’s Weekly 2018 #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge, … Continue reading neelwrites/challenge&dare/poem/tanka/07/02/2018


Earthly bonds bind me Heart’s wings strain to soar upwards    tireless is my quest. Seeker of eternal truths, Onward my flight continues. (c)neelanilpanicker2018 #poem #haiku


BEATING HEARTS CAVORT UNMIMDFUL OF NAYSAYERS SINK DEEP INTO EYES. RECKON ROMANCE BLOOMS ‘LOVE ZINDABADS’ RENT THE AIR. (c)neelanilpanciker2018 #poem #tanka #love #romance (c)neelanilpanciker2018 #poem #tanka #love #romance Hosted by Colleen at Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 67 – Play & Guess   (c)neelanilpanciker2018 #poem #tanka #love #romance


Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 79 – Light & Dark Photo Credit #weeklytankachallenge -79 Hosted by KIWINANA at POEM/TANKA HOPE By Neel Anil Panicker Light swathes through shadows Laying bare dark’s ugly face Fate hangs in balance. Man struggles, falls, and gets up Life’s onward march continues. (c)2018neelanilpanicker #poem #tanka

neelwrites/Grace/Saturday Mix – Double Take, 23 December 2017/poem/tanka/23/12/2017

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Hosted at This week’s Double Take has a ‘Christmassy twist’ to it! Our homophone sets are: presence – the state of being present presents – gifts and holy – with religious significance holey – perforated, with holes wholly – fully, completely GRACE By Neel Anil Panicker Your presence makes sense God’s priceless present are they Holy … Continue reading neelwrites/Grace/Saturday Mix – Double Take, 23 December 2017/poem/tanka/23/12/2017