DIGGING ABOUT PHOTO PROMPT © Connie Gayer By Neel Anil Panicker Hey, so this is what I do nowadays ever since I bid adieu to the artsy world of crime solving. I mean look at me; furrowing and ploughing my way through knee length dirt and slush, spending whole afternoons and the better part of … Continue reading neelwrites/diggingabout/fridayfictioners/flashfiction/100words/30/05/2018


ALWAYS ON A LEASH   By Neel Anil Panicker The thieves took everything except the dog. Probably, they thought, whoever they were, what harm were an old ever wheezing half blind apology of a dog who could barely walk on half a limb. But then the band of highway robbers who climbed the ten foot … Continue reading neelwrites/alwaysonaleasdh/firstlinefriday/flash/fiction/30/05/2018


THE MEETING By Neel Anil Panicker Akhtar had his day job__ a manager at the Bank of India main branch. Come evenings, thrice a month, he would bring home a blank cheque leaf, plus a fascimile signature of its owner, usually a rich account holder. Khadim, the calligraphic expert, would reproduce the signature and write … Continue reading neelwrites/themeeting/fridayfictioneers/shorttsory/100words/28/03/2018


CARE FOR A DRINK By Neel Anil Panicker ‘You don’t drink!’ It was less of a question, but more of an affront. To the crowd who were hovering around her, by denying herself the pleasures of a drink or two, she stood out as an oddity. Harish offered a life saver. “Hey Sharmi, how about … Continue reading neelwrites/careforadrink/fridayfotofiction/150words/24/03/2018


MURDER ON HER MIND This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. Thank you Yinglan! By Neel Anil Panicker Time you got married, Afreen? You know Imtiaz, Afroz’s cousin. He’s just landed a fat paying bank job, is kind, well educated, and good looking too__ideal husband material. What do you say? Lisa tossed her hair … Continue reading neelwrites/murderonhermind/flashfictionfortheaspiringwriter/shortstory/fiction/176words/20/03/2018


  THE BLIND SEER’S PREDICTION  By Neel Anil Panicker The oracle lowered his head and pulling the woman by the auricle, whispered into her ear,” You’re the blessed one; the one whom Allah has chosen to shower his riches. Simply follow all that Sajid says and very shortly you will become the owner of unimaginable … Continue reading neelwrites/saturday-mix-double-take-/shortstory/fiction/18/03/2018


THE TRAP By Neel Anil Panicker ‘You mean to say the money is there, right?’ Richard looked up at the beastly faces that hovered around him; two pairs of eyes stared down at him, the pupils split wide open, as if they would burst out any moment. He looked at the swarthy man who reeked … Continue reading neelwrites/thetrap/thursdayphotoprompt/#writephoto/fiction/shortstory/17/03/2018


KEEPER OF SECRETS   By Neel Anil Panicker Your sixteenth birthday, remember? That look on your face says it all. It’s the same one you gave your Dad when he caught you with that ruffian; the two of you in the buff. Did you know what happened after that? What happened to Albert, your ‘first … Continue reading neelwrites/keeperofsecrets/fridayfictioneers/flashfiction/shortstory/100words


THE VOICE By Neel Anil Panicker Mary’s suddenly felt the full weight of her over 80 kg body mass as her hands went limp and the legs gave way. Myriad images began to swim in her head and icicles of a slow moving pain began to shoot into her inner membranes, the pain increasing by … Continue reading neelwrites/thevoice/shortstory/187words/10/03/2018


BIG DREAMS, BIGGER REALITIES PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook By Neel Anil Panicker The first decade of his life, Mukund had only one dream: to live in a house with a toilet. His memories of this ramshackle period of his childhood were all about being rudely woken up by mother, and then hurriedly being rushed … Continue reading neelwrites/bigdreams,biggerrealities/fridayfictioneers/flashfiction/shorttstory/100words/07/03/2018